The fastest growing and most advanced layout builder plugin Divi predictably gets updates almost every month. In line with their update policy, recently Divi got a new feature update and it is about “columns”. Now you can build layouts more effectively with more column settings.

Section, row and columns are the three essential pillars to make a layout grid of your choice. The more there are options to customize these elements, the easier it is to make an advanced layout. But it’s not just making the grid design more and more advanced, at the same time you need to maintain the compatibility of the created grid with different browsers also. Many people tend to build inexplicably complex grids such as putting rows inside rows and then dividing daughter rows in columns (like in HTML tables). As a matter of fact, It doesn’t make sense to do so. I recommend keeping grid complexity balanced so that the created layout remains compatible with all the browsers and different display sizes.

Getting back to the point, let's talk of Divi’s new column update. With column update now it's remarkably easier to customize columns settings, create new columns inline and rearrange columns.

  • Now every column has its own dedicated option panel with tons of design options
  • We can rearrange columns
  • We can create columns inline
  • Premade set of columns layout with different widths

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Top features of Divi Builders at a glance

  • Design advanced layouts visually
  • No need to preview changes, see them in real time
  • Fastest layout builder
  • Virtually no limit to build professional page designs
  • Tons of design options for sections, rows, columns and modules
  • Save even a single module to library and load it anywhere between multiple Divi enabled websites
  • Declare any element global and the changes made to a global element will automatically reflect wherever it is used
  • The only website builder that comes with lifetime free technical support and updates (with select license)
  • The only website builder that comes with lifetime free updates

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Future of Divi is vivid, bright and clear and it gets a feature update roughly every month.