So, You are a massive user of WordPress or a Web Designer who build websites on WordPress? As a matter of fact, WordPress is the best way to design websites in this age and if you utilize WordPress to design your clients website, it would be the best choice. WordPress offers unlimited opportunities to add several functionalities in a website. Apart awesome layout design, you can add powerful custom forms, user access control, ecommerce system and membership system in your WordPress website easily. It seems that WordPress developers have made difficult things so much easier by developing awesome plugins and themes.

Oh, Let’s cut to the chase. If you need to design Websites using WordPress, you must have a tool with the help of which you could create custom layouts or layouts on demand of your clients. There are many builder plugins and themes out there, but they are pretty expensive. For example, Visual Composer is a great layout builder plugin that can be purchased, spending $30 for only one website and there is no unlimited site license is available. You need to buy it separately for every client. In web design business, it is better to buy things with the freedom of unlimited usage so that you would not have to purchase tools for every of your client.

Furthermore, if you have many professional websites, then you would not want to buy themes and plugins for every website separately and you would prefer unlimited site license for sure.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes membership includes page layout builder, the Divi Builder with the help of which we can create any kind of layout within a matter of minutes. Divi builder theme and plugin is developing so fast that you can't imagine. After a couple of months they are going to launch Divi 3.0 a huge update for Divi builder including but not limited to frontend page builder, loads of new modules etc..

Read more about Divi Builder here

Oh my Goodness. Where all other themes lifetime membership is so much expensive, Elegant Themes lifetime membership is so much affordable and you can buy  all current and future themes and plugins only for $249 and there will be no any charge for future updates and for new themes and plugins. You can use any Elegant theme or plugin on unlimited domains without any restriction. Even you can use Elegant Themes and plugin for your clients website (no other theme company allows you to use their themes on client websites).

Every person who is running a Web Design business with WordPress or who is running several own websites, would definitely desire to buy Elegant Themes One time fee Package

Top products of Elegant Theme Membership

  • Divi Builder Theme – A Complete way to design versatile websites that includes Divi layout builder
  • Divi Builder Plugin – A versatile layout builder that works with any theme
  • Extra – Drag and drop magazine/new site builder theme
  • Monarch – Add Social sharing buttons, social follow buttons, Social Follow popups, inline popup, sliding widget etc..
  • Bloom Email Optin – Kick start your email marketing campaign integrating your email marketing account of AWeber, GetResponse, Mailchimp with a beautiful popup, track stats of subscribers

Other appealing things that may force you to buy the Elegant Themes membership for life

  1. 80+ Themes and more to come in future
  2. One of the most powerful Builder Theme Divi ( which allows you to create custom layouts in an incredible way )
  3. Page builder plugin that can be used with any theme
  4. Shortcode plugin that adds awesome shortcodes to any theme you use
  5. One time fee and then free updates for lifetime
  6. One time fee and then get all future themes and plugins for free
  7. Powered by a dedicated support team that is fully responsive
  8. Use any theme or plugin for your clients websites
  9. Support team helps you in customizing themes according to your needs
  10. A reliable company that is far more trusted than Elite authors of
80+ Themes + Plugins
Use themes on Unlimited Domains you and your clients own
Create custom layouts with Divi Page builder
One time fee and lifetime access to all available themes and plugins
Excellent customer support

Themeforest is not a theme builder company but it is a marketplace where several developers list their themes for sale. Themeforest authors work hard but they get very low revenue share. An average Themforest author gets 60% revenue generated from every sale. 40+% revenue goes to Themeforest. Only a few ThemeForest authors are making good revenue and rest of them are collecting almost nothing. This make Themeforest authors disappointed and they stop development of their theme when things go worst.

Themeforest staff don't take any responsibility of inactivity of a Theme developer and Theme buyers have no option other than waiting for an update. Many of Themeforest authors don't provide support actively and they do not hear customers seriously.

Any of your bought theme may be removed from marketplace anytime and Themeforest don’t take any responsibility for it. It is not that Themeforest themes don’t worth buying. Many developers work hard to make their themes better and to provide great support. I recommend you to browse “Popular theme section” to find out best available themes on Themeforest.

Tips to pick a good theme from Themeforest

In over 95% cases Themeforest doesn't provide refund once the theme is downloaded by customer. Additionally refund is issued in the form of Themeforest credits. But, I would like to add that you can buy some superb themes from this website, developed by top notch authors who are always committed to provide top-of-the-line development and support. Here are some tips to buy best stuff from Envato;

  • See the product change log to discover how active is author or how responsible is him/her for the product (theme or plugin)
  • Browse the product comment section and find out how is author dealing with questions posted in regards to the product. This section exposes whether users are satisfied with the product or not.
  • Also consider product popularity. i.e review the sale count of the product. Compare its sales/age ratio with the sales/age ratio of other popular themes. If the theme total sales are too low even after a quite while since it was created, you had better quit thinking about buying it.
  • To check theme coding quality, copy its live demo link and check it with GTmetrix website speed test. This test provides sufficient detail to determine how well a theme is coded and how good is it for SEO. Not only Themeforest theme but also every WordPress theme should qualify this test.
A big market place having several thousands Premium ThemesYou can use theme on a single Website ( No unlimited Site License )
Affordable if you have a single websiteTheme Author may stop providing support and updates any time
Theme may be removed from your download list any time
You need to buy themes for your clients separately

Woo Themes

There was a time when Woo Themes were considered best premium WordPress themes. But things are just opposite now and Woo Themes stand no where.

I have to say that Woo Themes are now out dated. They are not building and improving themes according to current standards. None of Woo Theme features a page builder that is necessary to create custom layouts for clients. They always boast about their flagship theme “Canvas” but according to me there is nothing special in this theme. Moreover they are selling their theme at incredibly high price. Can anyone ask them why their themes are so much expensive. I would definitely like to know the reason.

They really need a start over to rejuvenate their themes according to latest requirements.

You can use themes on Unlimited sitesTheme features don’t match with latest design standards
No page builder in themes
Unnecessarily expensive themes
Club membership is very much costly $399/year

Templatic Themes

I really appreciate Templatic developers as they are offering amazing application themes. particularly, I like their Directory theme that comes with a lot of child themes such as Location,City Guide,Travel etc. They have also built  themes for Real Estate,Construction / Builders, Vacation Rental. But Templatic themes would be good so long you need to build a Directory listing website, Real Estate Listing Website, Construction Website. Templatic Themes don’t feature a custom layout creator.

Every of the Templatic Theme comes with Unlimited site license and you need not to buy these themes again and again for your different websites.

Build Directory Listing websites in minutesUnlimited site license is costly
Build Real Estate Websites in minutesClub membership is expensive
Vacation rental theme,Hotel Booking themeNo page builder to design custom layouts
Power customer support
Use themes on client websites

Comparison Chart

Elegant ThemesTemplatic ThemesThemeforest ThemesWoo Themes
ReliabilityHighly reliableHighly reliableReliability depends on theme authorHighly Reliable
PriceLowest pricePricey themesLow price . But you use purchased theme on a single website until you buy additional licenses for additional domainsPricey
Can I use themes on unlimited domainsyesyesNoYes
Can I use purchased themes on my Client websitesYesCan’t sayNoYes
Reliability in terms of Updates and SupportYesYesDepends on theme authorYes
Page builderYesNoMany themes are powered by page builderNo
Access to all current and Future Themes and Plugins with one time FeeYesNoNoNo

Final Words

After reading this review, you should think yourself which would be best for you. All theme companies other than Elegant Themes are selling themes at pretty high price. There are many Themeforest themes that may suite your needs but what about certainty of their existence? When a theme is removed from Themeforest Marketplace, Themeforest, even don’t tell you the reason why that theme was removed and all you find is that Theme has been removed from your download list. I have bought several themes on ThemeForest. Many of theme have not been updated for years and some of theme has been removed from marketplace.

On the other hands Elegant Themes,Woo Themes and Templatic themes run a serious business and themes update and customer support for them is on the highest priority. Between all three theme companies we don’t like Woo Themes but we love Elegant Themes and Templatic themes because they have their own specific advantages.

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