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I have written many posts on WordPress layout builder plugins and themes. As we know, with the help of layout builder plugins, we can create a layout for post body but not for header and footer. Layout builder plugins can't create or edit header and footer area because it is in general controlled by the WordPress theme. For building or editing a layout- no matter what area, post body, header or footer-  we need a builder theme framework or a software that can generate a theme from scratch. Builder themes works just like a desktop theme creator software.

Most WordPress themes do come with several options to customize header and footer, but unfortunately even with the help of these themes, we can't redesign these areas (header, footer). To edit a layout's header and footer, we have no choice but to edit the code.

For example, Divi theme. With the help of Divi we can create significantly unique layouts and that may very well serve the client's needs. Divi offers various ready-made options also to customize header and footer appearance. But what if a client wants something extremely specific for its site layout. If he/she wants to put a banner in the header area, or wants to use a width-wide header image instead of just a logo? To meet your client's requirements, you would need to customize the theme template, which in turn entails, editing PHP, CSS and HTML. If you are good at programming, it will not be too big a deal. But if you are a novice in coding, you may very well be in a fix. It is a well known fact that clients want delivery on time. So, to tackle such clients, you need to have a tool with the help of which you could design and flesh out a layout from scratch to its entirety-not just  post body, header and footer sections too.

In this post We're going to tell you about a few powerful and immensely useful WordPress theme creator tools that let you build page layout in a fully free mode. What you keep on the page, what you do not, it's all up to you.

Virtually you can build themes with these tools and use these themes as incentive themes using the main theme as the framework.

So, let's get the ball rolling.


Build layouts like a developer

Ultimatum Theme Creator 1

You will be familiar with Ultimatum as it has been mentioned earlier. Ultimatum is a powerful WordPress theme creator, which allows us to fabricate all kinds of layouts. Admittedly, there's no two ways about it that as for creating layouts it is not as easy and flexible to use as Headway is. But it has its own merits too.For one thing, not only Ultimatum helps us make web layouts, but also we can create Android App of the website.

Ultimatum Theme Creator

Ultimatum too can virtually be used to create WordPress themes and these themes can be used on other websites too  provided both websites have Ultimatum core theme installed. One important thing is that if we are using Ultimatum to build a layout, we have only pre-made sets of columns to use and we cannot create a block having a random length and width. Though on the plus side, these pre-made sets seem to cover the whole gamut of columns and most of the time we are successful in creating the preferred layout

WordPress Theme Builder

Ultimatum Layout Builder Features At A Glance:

Templating system

We can create a template and add multiple layouts to that template. This template can be exported and used in a different WordPress website provided that we have core WordPress installed in the website where we want to use the created template.

Build any kind of layout structure from scratch

Unlike Headway, Ultimatum's layout builder provides the rows of different column combinations. That is, if you want to add three columns, you will select a row having three columns. Similarly if you need to add three columns in such a way that one of them is bigger than the two, you can choose a row having columns in 2:1/2:1/2 ratio. So, to pick up a particular combination and ratio of columns, you will have to meticulously find out the set that should have that particular ratio and number of columns.

On the whole, we agree that there is a wide array of pre-made columns encompassing almost all widths and heights, yet there's no denying that you cannot adjust them to your liking. Let's put it this way: You have to create two columns in the ratio 1:1.5, you check it out and find this ratio is available you can go ahead and use it. Now you want to add two columns with width ratio 1.3:1.7, you check it out and find this combination is not available in pre-made sets, you have no choice but either to resort to another layout builder or to have to choose another ratio.

Partial Layouts

Partial Layouts or Layout parts are such layouts which can be fit in any other layout and when we make a change to a partial layout, that change automatically reflects in all the layouts in which the partial layout has been used. Generally we use partial layout to build header or footer or any widgetized area.

Extensive CSS Styling options

Ultimatum's each template and all the layouts of each template are equipped with a CSS option panel. This CSS Styles panel helps us customize text, font, blocks and many other CSS properties with just one click. Not only this, all the columns and rows come with their own styling options, which in turn gives us full control over all CSS properties. Advanced users can avail themselves of adding custom CSS classes.

Go checkout Ultimatum 

Is Ultimatum a complete layout builder tool?

The short answer is : yes, completely. Ultimatum is a powerful tool that enables you to create any kind of layout and at the same time provides styling options too. But as with Headway, it may take you some days to wrap your mind around Ultimatum.

If you are looking for a desktop software to develop a WordPress theme, it would be really helpful for you to spare some time to read about Template Toaster. Template Toaster is a Windows-based application, with which you can develop a WordPress theme even on your computer without any prior knowledge of programming or coding. Moreover, themes created with this are software-independent and you can make money by selling them.

Headway – A rock-star theme creator

Update I will advice you not to go for Headway as its future is in trouble. Read Here Try Ultimatum Theme instead

Draw blocks with mouse and drag them to anywhere on the page

Headway is the only tool that makes it  possible for you to draw blocks on a page canvas with the help of a mouse. In fact Headway is a true theme builder for non-developers. Even more, you can drag the created blocks from one place to another without any problem. You can draw blocks wherever you want to, be it in header area, body or footer. It gives you entire freedom to move header block to footer or move left block to right. Additionally, blocks can be drawn in any ratio.

Headway is an amazing, powerful layout designer, which can accept any type of layout mockup from clients. With Headway on hand, you do not have to worry about how different and difficult, or shall we say, weird a layout mockup can be.

So let us have a  thorough look and explore what wonderful help Headway offers with Web design. Is it enough by itself or do we need other tools too along with Headway in creating a layout?

Update I will advice you not to go for Headway as its future is in trouble. Read Here Try Ultimatum Theme instead


Headway (Visual Editor)

As mentioned above, Headway provides a drag-and-drop layout builder canvas. Using mouse-dragging, we can confidently create the desired blocks, move these blocks over the canvas from one place to another with no difficulty. I would say that there is little doubt that any other available WordPress tool allows the blocks to be moved so freely. Actually Headway's layout builder concept is a very advanced and refined innovative technique and usually we get to see such things only in desktop website building software and in some costly online website builders. The distinguishing feature of this technique is that we can draw blocks anywhere on the canvas and with the mouse we can move them from one place to another

We can assign thus created layout to one or more pages and posts, or else we can choose it to be a by-default layout for a particular post-type. Headway layouts are of three types:3

Default layouts– There is one and specific default layout for each post-type in your WordPress. If you make any change to that layout, it will reflect in that particular post-type.

Shared Layouts – If you want to create a layout which you wish to assign to one or more posts of your choice, you should create a shared layout.

Mirror layouts – If you wish to use a layout inside some other layout, you have an option to clone the layout that you want to use inside the other one. For instance, when we clone layout X in layout Y, layout X  acts like a part inside layout Y, which in turn means aside from the changes made to layout Y, changes made to layout X will also reflect in the layout Y..

Headway modules –  When you draw a block using mouse-drag, Headway displays all the available modules. Any of the available modules can be selected for the block. .

Headway Styler

Headway Styler is a real-time CSS editor, with which we can fashion any element of layout in a desirable style and most importantly, without going to the trouble of CSS code writing. Let me illustrate the point: When we click an element like a block or a module, CSS option panel pops up on the right, which offers us options to customize any of CSS properties like background, padding, margin, border, front, text et cetera. Moreover, any change starts reflecting immediately.

And at the same time, Headway Styler comes with an option for a developer to write CSS codes.

So can we conclude that Headway is the simplest and the easiest way to create layouts for WordPress?

Undoubtedly and unanimously, speaking of versatility of layouts, Headway leaves little to be desired and is far ahead of other layout builders. With Headway, it is no big deal to create any kind of layout structure. However, it is noteworthy here that you cannot start using Headway without any head start and to get the hang of Headway, either you need to get through the instructions provided or it will take some time before you get to know it. But, yes, once you have mastered it and are completely familiar with the mechanism of this tool, We promise you'd for sure enjoy designing layouts with Headway.

checkout Headway – headwaythemes.com

Update I will advice you not to go for Headway as its future is in trouble. Read Here Try Ultimatum Theme instead

For details about Template Toaster, you can check out here and decide if it's really what you have been looking for.

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