In this tutorial we have tried to cover up some common but weird WordPress errors and their troubleshooting

Stuck in Maintenance mode

WordPress Stuck in Maintenace Mode

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

While updating WordPress or a plugin/theme,  sometimes  when  you’re not in your luck, your site may be suspended in what is called “maintenance mode’.  And to be honest, this suspension in maintenance mode per se is not a bolt out of the blue. Actually, WordPress puts entire site on maintenance mode when you update WordPress core, themes or plugin and once the update is done the maintenance mode is removed. But the problem arises when rarely due to server issues, maintenance mode becomes permanent and you need to take manual action to get rid of it.

But there is no need to worry as it turns out to be a very minor issue. You can easily fix it. You need to have access to your hosting control panel or FTP to do away with this unwanted maintenance mode.

  • Login to your hosting control panel > File manager > WordPress root directory
  • In WordPress root directory find and delete .maintenace file. Deleting this file will free your site from maintenance mode.

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No update required database already updates loop

No update Required WordPress loop

We have already written a detailed post how to solve this issue. We have also created an easy video that demonstrates how to fix this redirect loop.

This redirect loop is more likely because of your caching plugin. For example if you have enabled object cache in W3Cache Plugin, it will very possibly have created a file named object-cache.php and this file may be the cause of the issue that you’re facing while updating the WordPress. To resolve the issue, simply delete this file. You can delete this file by accessing hosting file manager or FTP.

You don’t have  a cache plugin installed and still the problem is troubling you, in that case your hosting provider may be to blame as it may have been running a caching system. To set the matter straight, tell them about the problem and ask hosting support to refresh caching engine.

No data received on login

No Data Recieved

Sometimes, when you try to login to your WordPress admin, instead of logged-in, you receive an error “no data received”. To sort out this condition, you need to update your WordPress core. If it doesn’t work, try the following things

remove site cache via hosting control panel or FTP (clear all cache in cache folder).

  • Delete the wp-cache definition in wp-config.php
  • Delete .htaccess file in the root directory of the WordPress

Your hosting server most probably may be the real culprit, when everything advised above is not putting an end to the issue and in that case you need to contact your web hosting support. GoDaddy is known to be the worst host when it comes to server related issues and restrictions.

Fatal error on updating a theme or plugin function

WordPress PHP parse error

Updating a php file of a theme or plugin, sometimes, leads you to the fatal php error and you are unable to access WordPress either on frontend or backend. To recover from this troublesome situation, you need to go to the hosting file manage or FTP and correct the theme/plugin affected php file.

Every page gives 404 error (not found)

It happens when .htaccess file doesn’t work correctly. It also happens if we have to delete .htaccess file for any reason. To overcome this problem, just login to WordPress admin > Settings > Permalinks

Change permalink structure to default and then again revert it back to the site original permalink structure.

Lots of copies of a single uploaded image

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Fatal error on updating a plugin

As we update a WordPress plugin via WordPress dashboard, the operation, in some cases, takes our entire WordPress down, pushing an error message of “fatal error……blah blah blah..” Which is related with PHP function. To get past this obstacle, go to hosting file manager or FTP and delete and re-upload the affected plugin.

content is lost while publishing or updating a page

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password recovery email is not arriving. How to reset the password in this condition?

Read this tutorial how to reset WordPress admin password if you can’t do it via recovery email.

Tip – Always use automatic backup solution for your WordPress so that you could restore a backup if something goes wrong. Read more about WordPress backup plugins