Now when you are done with initial setup of your WordPress blog, you can start adding content to your WordPress blog. However, you can utilize WordPress built-in blog editor but we highly recommend Windows Live Writer, a free blog publishing tool from Microsoft that makes writing articles immensely convenient and we are sure that you will love this tool.

You can download and install Windows Live Writer using the download given in this post

Why Live Writer is far better than any other blog editor

It is safe to write with this tool

WordPress blog editor is browser based and it works remotely. Sometimes browser is crashed and sometimes internet connection stops working and in these conditions your written content may be lost. Imagine how painful it will be if you lose your laboriously typed content and you have to again write that content from scratch? On the other hand, it is not the case with Live Writer. Live Writer never crashes and additionally it saves draft automatically. That is why there are negligible chances of losing content

It provides better editing tools

Live Writer comes with lots of additional tools to enhance your blog post such as custom font size, table creation, image editing, image watermarking etc.

Quick image insertion

If you use WordPress remote blog editor, you may eventually be sick and tired of inserting images one by one and obviously it takes more time to insert images on remote server. On the other hand, with Live Writer you can add images swiftly and upload the article to your blog using one click.

Comprehensive spelling checker

Live Writer spelling checker is more powerful than most other spelling checkers and it saves a lot of your time.

Manage multiple blog accounts

Live Writer gives you option to add as many blog accounts as you want. And you can switch to any account any time.

Many addons are available

Lots of free addons are also available for this tool and you can expand the functionality of it with some cool addons like code snippet plugin, grammar checker, table enhancer etc  . Browse WLW Addons

How to set up a WordPress blog with Live Writer

It is damn simple to add a WordPress blog to Live Writer. Just follow the guide below;

  • When you install and open Live Writer, it will ask you to add a blog account to start writing
  • You need to choose Blog Service “Other”

Setting up Live Writer for WordPress

  • On next screen enter your blog full URL, admin username and password. Also choose option “remember password” so that you have not to enter password next time you publish a post to blog. Then press next button

Setting up Live Writer for WordPress1

  • If your provided login detail is correct, Live Writer will go ahead and set up your blog automatically. Meanwhile it will ask you to download your WordPress theme so that your post on Live Writer looks as in live condition. But to keep the writing interface simplified and minimal we recommend that you not download the theme .
  • Live Writer downloads WordPress blog categories and tags too and you can add categories and tags direct from it.

You may face some issues

Sometimes you may get stuck in some weird issues while publishing your content to blog via Live Writer

Error 1 –

Error attempting to connect to blog at:

http://yourblog/xmlrpc.php  (replace blue text with your website url

Found: Found

This problem is most probably because of your web hosting (Hosting Firewall prevents Live Writer accessing xmlrpc.php). Create a support ticket and tell them the problem in detail. They will look into it and sort out the issue.

Error 2-  Sometimes Windows Live Writer is unable to automatically detect your blog settings

Fixing Live Writer issue

Having added a blog account, you are ready to write content using Live Writer.

Do you have issues using Live Writer. Feel free to consider this post as a support thread and ask questions in comments section below. We will happily assist you replying your questions.

If you have been using Live Writer, do share your experience with this software in comments. Also tell us whether you prefer Live Writer or WordPress in-built text editor or anything else.