Galaxy note 9 seems to be the hottest mobile of third quarter of the year. As it has almost become customary, Samsung launches a new mobile of Note series in third or fourth quarter of every year, which is not only bigger in size than the flagship Galaxy phone of the company but also comes with upgraded software, more pristine looks and a stylus pen. Speaking of S Pen, it is a premium technology, which is unique to Samsung and even the mobile moghul Apple has not yet been able to equip iPhone with this.

The Note 9 is now available for sale and its S Pen stylus is much more refined and chic than the old S Pen and hang on it’s not just a simple S Pen stylus, it is empowered with Bluetooth and that definitely takes it on another higher level. If you have loved the stylus before, you’re gonna love it more as the new stylus has remote sensitivity also and you can use the stylus to remote control many functions of the phone.

Galaxy Note 9 leaves almost nothing to be desired as it has a large 6.4 inch display, a 12MP dual rear camera with artificial intelligence and many other enhancements and an 8MP front camera. As for CPU, its US version is studded with a Snapdragon 8845 CPU, while the international version is all set to dazzle with Exynos, which is Samsung’s own CPU. Here it’s worth mentioning that though like always the flagship mobile of Note series has been powered with the same CPU as that of Galaxy S series i.e. Galaxy S9, the Note 9 can clearly boasts a bigger and revamped display, elegant design, vast storage capacity, cameras with colossal capabilities and the S Pen.

The most distinctive feature that arguably sets it apart from Galaxy S9 is the S Pen Stylus as except for the stylus, you would definitely have a hard time thinking a viable reason to spend huge money on it and to not buy Galaxy S9 which you can lay your hand on in far less amount of money.

So let’s have a look at the special and specific features of Note 9.

The Note 9 has a jovial screen with a larger display than that of S9+

Note 9’s display is no doubt a little larger than Galaxy S9’s, yet, admittedly, this difference is negligible. The display size of this phone is by far the largest among all Samsung Note phones. Like S9 Plus, it is a Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display and for all practical purposes, we could say that it is the best mobile display ever.

There are two variants of Note 9 available in the market, one with 6GB RAM and another with 8GB RAM.

There’s little doubt that the more is RAM, the smoother is multitasking. That apparently seems to be the reason that the company has launched one variant of the phone with 8GB RAM, which makes multitasking smoother than ever. As for internal storage, It’s kind of believe-it-or-not thing as the Note 9 comes with 128GB to 512GB internal storage. Awesome, right?You’d think that we were talking about computer storage.

But that doesn't seem to be a big deal because CPU power, RAM and the storage capacity are things which, it appears, mobile companies increase every year. In one way, it can be considered a part of marketing strategy because most of the users practically need, at the mos,t most 64GB memory.

Note 9 is Water and dust-proof

Note 9 is IP68 certified that authenticates that it is a fully waterproof and dustproof mobile phone. I dare say it is not a new feature for a high-end mobile phone user as most of the flagship phones are IP68 certified now.

Note 9 boasts a powerful Gorilla Glass 5 both on the front and the back.

What I’d like to say here is that while reading this review or any review of Note 9, you’d feel a kind of deja vu experience as most of its features are either mirror-match or with some enhancements those of S9. Gorilla Glass 5 protects the front and back panel from scratches and damage.

The Note 9 comes with Android 8.1 out of the box.

Samsung S9 Plus is as yet running on Android 8.0 while Note 9 has been launched with Android 8.1.

The S Pen of Note 9 is in many ways ingeniously engineered.

First of all, it has Bluetooth support. The new S Pen stylus is more sensitive and is designed for a meticulous writing and drawing on the phone screen

Up until now the S Pen was designed for touch input, writing and drawing, but the new S Pen, with the innovative support of Bluetooth, can be used as a remote-control of the phone. Using the remote sensitivity of S Pen, you can take a photo and control a presentation, among other things. You can also control YouTube videos remotely with this pen. In future we expect that the things which you would be able to do with software updates of remote sensitivity of S Pen are going to increase exponentially.

With the S Pen of Note 9, you can trigger Audio Recording action remotely and with a simple swish of your finger, audio recording can be started or ended.

Note 9’s S Pen has an in-built battery which can last up to 200 clicks. But the most encouraging factor about it is that it doesn’t take more than 45 seconds to charge again. To charge up your S pen, you just have to put the S Pen into its phone slot.

The Note 9 has in-built Samsung DeX.

I can take it that you are familiar with Samsung DeX, which was introduced with Galaxy S8. This portable device can convert your mobile into a desktop. You just need to connect your phone to DeX and then to a monitor and you are all set to use your mobile phone like a desktop on the LED TV screen.

With Note 9, this intermediate device to convert your mobile phone into a desktop will no longer be needed as the Note 9 comes with an in-built device to this end. You only need a USB or HDMI cable.

Finally a larger battery for Note, 4000 mAh

The Note 9 is powered with a 4000mAh battery, which if you are a moderate user can keep your phone up for one to two days. Like previous phones of the series, it has both fast wired and wireless charging.

One more important thing about the phone is that its camera comes with improved artificial intelligence. When S9 plus was launched, Samsung quite advertised its AI technology and there’s no denying that for all practical purposes S9’s camera lived up to the expectations. Now the same AI technology powers the camera of Note 9 with enhanced recognition. Scenes are automatically switched according to objects such as flowers, people etc.

You may not upgrade from Galaxy S9+ to Note 9 if;

  • If you do not set great store by RAM and storage as both phones have almost same hardware and the major difference is in the RAM and storage.
  • If you are a connoisseur of design as S9 plus has an edge over the Note 9 as far as the design is concerned.
  • If you do not find much use of S Pen and it’s just an extra feature, largely unused by you.
  • If you think Note 9 is unnecessarily expensive.

Should you upgrade from Note 8 to Note 9?

I think Note 9 is a 100% worthy upgrade for Note 8 as it comes with next generation hardware, totally re-engineered Stylus, better camera and design.