Windows 10 is out and to prevent its server getting jammed, Microsoft have not opened the direct update or update from Windows control panel for millions of its users worldwide. To upgrade via control center, you need to make a reservation of direct upgrade and this simply keeps you in a long queue that may end in months. If you have so much patience, reserve your upgrade via Windows 10 Update app and keep yourself in the concatenation. However, patience may be proved good for you as lots of PC softwares are meeting incompatibility in this freshly launched Windows beauty and their developers are working to resolve compatibility issues madly. For instance, yesterday, I upgraded my Windows and I found that my lovable Internet security software Norton Suite was incompatible with Windows 10. I accessed their website quickly and found that they have already launched Windows 10 compatible version that was not installed on my computer. I download Norton Internet Security suite latest version and found it working like a charm ( as a bonus Norton added more sleek and enhanced interface to it and also added some new features).

Windows 10

In fewest possible words, I am pretty sure that you are here on this webpage, because you too desperate like me to upgrade to Windows 10. And I want to clarify that Microsoft didn’t bar its users at all from upgrading their system. it has released an easy tool that automates Windows 10 upgrade and any beginner can upgrade his OS easily with this self-executable utility. The only reason seems to be behind adding reservation system is preventing Microsoft servers from being choked due to automatic Windows update activated on millions of Windows PC across the world. Let it be known that it is the first time when Microsoft did this stunning and incredible job, allowing all existing users who are running the latest predecessor version of OS (Windows 8.1 latest build), to upgrade their OS to a completely reformed version for free.

That is why they added the reservation system so that only allowed systems could access automatic upgrade. But, on the other hand Microsoft has kept the doors open to download Windows 10 via FTP , in addition to an upgrade assistant that takes care of all regarding upgrade procedure.

Tutorial, How to upgrade to Windows 10 using Microsoft Upgrade tool (it’s fully automatic)

  • All you need to do is hitting the following page on Microsoft official website
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find two purple download buttons; one for 32bit and another for 64bit (I suggest you to download the same bit version as of yours Window 8.1 ( for instance, if you have 32bit Win 8.1 installed then download 32bit otherwise 64bit.)


  • This tool is not much large in size (18mb approx.)
  • After downloading the tool, double-click on it and allow it to access to internet. The tool starts downloading the upgrade and you can see the progress on tool interface. To your knowledge, upgrade is pretty big in size and it may take up to hours depending on your connection speed. If you are on 4G, the tool will download it in a matter of minutes and if you are using a good speed HSPA connection, still you can download it within an hour. But for poor broadband connections that deliver data transfer at 100 – 300kbps (download speed), it may take many hours ………………….  so “keep the computer ON, – get relaxed, play some games (GTA 5 is my favorite) or get some sleep, refresh your mind, do yoga, spend times with friends / family or whatever you can do to make yourself away from your PC otherwise you will get mad because of your restlessness. 😉 ”……. as expected wait time may be 7-8 hours on 150kbps and 3-4 hours on 250-300 kbps.
  • When the tool completes download, you need to take action and you may be exasperated with another new progress bar started with 0% progress. But, to your joy, it will not take more than a few minutes to complete even on slow broadband.
  • After that, update tool will ask you whether to keep your existing installation settings, software and files or you need a fresh installation of Windows 10. Carefully select option, “keep files and software etc” and let the update tool move on.
  • The tool starts upgrading your Windows with an awesome looking upgrade progress animation.
  • It will take a few minutes and your system may restart automatically during the operation, so don’t panic about this.
  • Once update is done, PC will get final restart and Windows installer assistance will setup your Windows 10 for first use. It will also take a few minutes.

And then, you will see the most powerful, elegant and sleek interface of Windows 10 with tons of new features and enhancements. Additionally, you will find your desktop files in as it is condition and Windows 10 will not affect your existing installations and settings. However, incompatible apps will not work and you should access their websites to discover whether a new version of them compatible to Win 10 is ready or in under development.

Not satisfied with Window 10 or met bugs? Don’t be worried at all. Microsoft has already taken care of it.

How to revert back to Windows 8.1 using Windows 10 Recovery feature

  • Simply click on the Start Menu icon on bottom-left of PC screen

Window 10 Accessing Settings in Start Menu

  • Above Power option, you will see “Settings”
  • In settings go to “Updates and Security > Recovery”

Update and Security Settings in Windows 10

Rolling back Windows 10

  • Here choose the option “Go back to Windows 10” and Windows 10 will automate the rollback.

Do share your experience with Windows 10 in comments below. Also list any serious issue you have faced with it.