There are many countries and states out there that are depriving their users not to access select websites either torrent websites, file sharing websites or live video streaming websites for their own sake. It is not a good thing and hurts the rights of the freedom of the people. Net neutrality is destroyed in this way. While people in US can access all websites including Extra torrent and Piratebay, Netflix, then why other countries are banning them. United States of America gives full freedom to their citizen to access any website.

Then how to browse the internet while your country or ISP is blocking many popular and useful websites? And the answer is, “of course there is a way to access all blocked websites and it is called VPN”. Yes, with a virtual private network, we can access any website which is inaccessible in our country. Most of the great VPN services come with dirt cheap pricing offering amazing private internet tunnel free from your ISP firewall.

Disclaimer – This articles supports net neutrality but never encourage you to do illegal or suspicious activities via a VPN connection.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a way to remove all restrictions applied by your country/ISP. While you connect to a Virtual Network, you get in an encrypted isolated private network that has nothing to do with your naked ISP connection. Even your ISP is unable to know what things you are browsing. You will be 100% anonymous.

When you signup for a VPN, you will be given a VPN client for your operating system e.g. Windows, MAC, iOS or Android (manual configuration is also available for Linux and routers). When you install the VPN client, you will be given option to connect from various locations in various countries. You are free to connect to any location/any country. On being connected, your original IP is masked with the virtual IP address assigned by VPN and you are virtually browsing from the location that you are connected to.

Let’s take an example, ExtraTorrent and Pirate bay are the most popular torrent websites and may be prohibited in many countries. The thing can’t be ruled out that a big fraction of internet user is addicted to torrents and many of them buy an internet pack just to download torrents. In this condition it is a big trouble for them if they can’t access these websites. While the rest of the world is availing these website, you are forced not to use them.

But luckily VPN is legal in almost every country and no any country is currently banning VPN websites (however, there may be exceptions like Iran or partially in China).

Even, you are in Saudi Arabia, one of the country who is used to banning a large number of website, you can bypass all restrictions using a VPN connection.

How to unblock websites with VPN

How VPN works

VPN creates an encrypted tunnel while being connected to your internet service provider. When you connect to VPN, an isolated secure Internet virtual tunnel is created that your original ISP has nothing to do with. Your ISP don’t know what you are doing on internet, when are you are using VPN.

Your Internet provider >>>>> You connect to VPN >>>>> connected to a virtual location in a country you select >>>>> you are anonymous

How to access NetFlix outside US

NetFlix is a live streaming website and it restricts certain TV shows and movies region wise. To avail a TV show that is not available in your country but available in US, you can use VPN to watch the restricted TV show.

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How to access extratorrent and pirate bay if banned

Extra Torrent and The Pirate Bay are the largest torrent websites. Ironically in many countries these websites are completely blocked by internet service providers on the direction of the government. To get uninterrupted access to these websites or any other torrent website you can try a good and reliable VPN service.

How to access a live streaming or file sharing website if banned

many live streaming websites and file sharing websites are not allowed to access in select countries. But with VPN you can access them seamlessly.

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