Taking a great leap and giving it a try to slake a virtually  never quenching thirst for a good battery life Ulefone announces  its ace: Ulefone Power, a giant of a phone with over a 6000 mAh battery. What did you say: truly unbelievable. But it is for real. Announcing the adorable phone, Ulephone puts it this way:

”Well you can imagine a whole day of gaming, video streaming, Web browsing and social networking without worrying about power short.”


Ulefone Power 1

Battery life has always been a pressing concern for smart users because a dead phone virtually brings your life to a  halt by denying you access to those features which you have gotten used to. You might as well never had had a phone. As necessity is the greatest driving force,  mobile manufacturers had ages ago sensed it that while on one hand a phone needs to be packed with all the pioneering and smart features, on the other hand a good battery life is more than necessary to keep all those features running all the time. And really what is the point of spending a lot of bucks on a phone when you can't capture a beautiful moment just because your phone is dead. The lords of Mobile manufacturing world are coming up with the new solutions and they are essentially either an external battery or a very powerful battery.

Ulefone Power

This time Ulefone has tried to cross the Rubicon with fixing you up with an iconic 6200mAh battery.

Though the battery of this phone is really a riveting feature that could spellbound anyone. This phone has much more to boast of .

  • It is packed with a 3 GB RAM- you can forget the problem of phone hanging.
  • 5.5 inch and 1080 display for vivid and true-to-life videos and nothing to miss out on.
  • 16 GB storage
  • 13 MP main and 5 MP secondary camera to capture every color of your life.

Coming to the design Ulefone Power seems to be an absolute stunner having an almost bazel less design. Also company has given Lollipop style capactive button below its gorgeuos and large display. On the back panel, battery has occupied most of the space under the cover and there is a width-wide loutlet that is likely for for speakers.

And not disappointing aesthetes- a really cool metal frame.