Here we have come up with a very good news for those who has been aspiring to School Management using WordPress and has been searching for a solution with which they could manage their student data online. In fact, there is no plugin available specially for school management, but we have worked hard to customize a plugin to make it working as a full featured frontend School Management system. It was not so easy for us and we have used many plugins to assemble this system. With the help of this system any WordPress user can manage any school and add, edit and manage student data online. The Good news is that if you have an average knowledge of WordPress dashboard, you can customize everything regarding this system and there is no more coding is required.

Features of School Management WordPress

Student Registration

School administration can add students' data with unique student serial number and automatic enrollment number. Students can be added using a form with several information fields such as Admission date,Serial number,Class,Year,Name,Guardian Name, Contact detail etc.

Student Manager

A login protected student manager where students can be displayed using several filters such as serial number,name,class,year etc and student data can be edited.

Migrating an existing student to the new class

Using one click all student data is duplicated with the same serial number and new automatic enrollment number to admit a student in the new class.

Admission Receipt

As soon as a student is admitted, system automatically generates an admission receipt with the principal signature which can be printed.

Exam Result Publishing

Now every educational organization desires to publish their result online and want to allow students and guardians to check the result online using Roll number, Class or any other search parameter. We have added exam result publishing system in our service and it is easy to store exam result in the database using a form and this result can be displayed on WordPress front-end pages.

Attendance Register

After a lot of hard work, we successfully added online attendance register to our system. Now it is easy to add classes and to take attendance online. Attendance register can be filtered based on year,class and date range.

For first time usage  —-  Go to Attendance register > Classes > Add New Class > Take Attendance

For Second time usage  —  Go to attendance register > Classes > Filter Classes > Take Attendance

To track attendance of a particular Class —  Go to Attendance Filter > Filter attendance using Class, Year, and date range.

Books Library

It was really challenging to add Library Management in WordPress but after a strong work we have successfully added Books library with book management and issued book manager.

What you can do with Library Management

  • Add and Manage Books in Library
  • Issue a book to a particular student
  • Filter students those issuance is expired, on a daily basis and send them an email notification (optional)
  • Update available book quantity after issuing a book or after returning of a book by a student

Fees Paid Unpaid Locator

With this module, school staff can filter those students whose fees is not submitted for a particular month.

Student Virtual Login

Students can find out their information using their Serial Number and Date of birth. It works like a login which prevents anyone to display their information knowing only serial number.

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This customization is done using Formidable Pro. You can also create it using this easy to use plugin  

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