As I am planning to expand into a full featured regularly updating tech news portal, I am hiring some content writers who could write genuine and natural content for our tech portal. I had a look upon where everyone is ready to  write 500 words content only for $5. It sounds pretty impressive. Is it not? On one hand, freelancers are charging about $50 per 500 to 1000 words, you can get it only for $5 to $10 on Really a dirt-cheap pricing.

Importance of Fiverr, in terms of affordability can never be ruled out, and I clarify that Fiverr is a huge marketplace for freelancers and job seekers and helps people across the world generate revenue easily and find out freelancers at the most affordable price. Fiverr is not at all responsible if any shady guy makes the people fool.

I got a United States based writer to write a post on It was just a trial, and I paid $15 to get 1500 words post written from her. Generally, a genuine writer takes over 4-5 days to write a post (as lots of orders remain in the queue). Surprisingly,  she delivered the 1500 words post within one day.

I checked her written content and it was absolutely fine and it satisfied me after a rough check. I checked the post with Google and some other plagiarism checkers and they declared it clear.

But there is one thing that was making me annoyed; either MS Office or Live Writer, both are showing false spelling errors. Still, I ignored this issue, thinking it a bug in these software. However, Google deepened my doubt of being something wrong. When I copied and pasted a short line from the post, Google returned no result, that is in fact, impossible. Do you want to know, what that line is?

It is, “Samsung Gear S Standalone Smartwatch.” If you search it, it will surely give you results in Google search.

Then, I manually typed the line in Google and naturally, I got lots of search results. This incident made me do a throughout investigation regarding something fishy in the provided content. I got into the middle of the post and had a look on a long written line. I typed that line manually in Google search and what that happened then shocked me. Google display search result containing a website with the same line I searched for. I opened that website and found that not only that line but also about 400 words are copied from that website.


In the same way, I checked different segments of the delivered content, and I found 70% of the post was a copy paste from other websites.

I contacted the seller and warned her that I will complaint administration regarding the on-going fraud by her. The seller immediately refunded all my money paid for the order without any objection. Perhaps because of the fear of the action that might have been taken from my end.

So, If you are used to buying articles from Fiverr, do check the content deeply lest you should be betrayed by the freelancer.

It is not difficult to find out this kind of plagiarism. Try typing different segments of the article manually in Google, instead of copying and searching article content in Google (most of the people check for plagiarism in this way)

I am yet to discover what the hack she used to make the written text un-readable by Google? I tried removing text formatting and everything what I could do. But all my efforts were in vain.

I am attaching the office document provided by her, and you can try it yourself. Download and check the file yourself.

If someone finds the hack, do share in comment section (below the article).

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