Laser hair removal technology came into existence in the middle of 1990s after a lots of experiments ensured it safe and effective. This technology not only ushered in a new era in the human struggle of removal of unwanted hair on different body parts but also introduced an ingenious method to get rid of them for longer periods of time. For the past few years this technology has gained ground rapidly and people are showing more faith in this technique. With the dawn of ultra-technology, Laser hair removal seems to be more secure than ever and the side-effects like temporary rashes and burning sensations in skin in some peoples (more likely in the people of dark complexion) can be healed easily over time with oral applications. Permanent changes in skin are negligibly rare.

In the course of the time, Laser hair removal treatment has come out of the clinics and home devices are available to laser your hairs yourself.  Treatment with these home machines are much more affordable than that in the clinic of a dermatologist (where he/she does laser hair removal with his/her own machines).

Safe laser hair removal at home
No woman would appreciate hair except for on her scalp. A smooth and hairless skin is every woman’s dream. We all want to have a smooth and silky skin for as long as possible. Hair plucking and waxing are  among the few methods that may guarantee you a smooth skin for at most four weeks. But at what expense? These ways entail appalling pain. So these are not the most appreciated ways due to the discomfort they imply. Using the razor or hair removal creams might seem quite a painless way. But what is the benefit of this if they offer just a few days without hairs even though they don’t hurt and are more comfortable. Luckily, in this era there is a real genie named technology and like all other fields of life, here also it has made its appearance offering us something that seems to be finally a permanent solution, a painless way to get rid of body hair for a very long time. It is called a laser hair-removal-machine, and it is now available in most stores that provide personal-care products.

So what is laser hair removal and how does it work?


Well, these machines are capable of emitting rapid pulses of laser light, which completely destroy the hair follicle under the skin. Without the follicle, hair are not able to come out again. However. it is important to note here that hair follicles start regenerating after some time that may be from five to ten years. That means though laser technology may promise you a hair free skin for long periods, it is not something that may be called perfectly permanent. Either way, five to ten years is a long time.

It is a safe technique that uses the rapid pulsation of light fascicles to destroy hair and the laser doesn’t have to linger on the skin. The duration of these treatments varies according to the type of hair you have.Furthermore, if you want to use such a product at home, always pick one that is FDA approved, for your safety.

What are risks of using this method at home?

Worried about the risks of being exposed to a laser ? Well, they do emit laser, but the laser hair-removal machines made to be used at home have a lower intensity compared to the ones used in professional beauty salons. And this is for obvious reasons as they are made to be used by anyone-not a trained professional- wishing to get rid of unwanted body hair. Again, to reduce the risk to a minimum, your choice of the device must have the FDA approval, and you should strictly follow the instructions concerning its use. Depending on the skin type, after treatment you might get the same sensation as that of getting a sunburn. The skin might become slightly red and hot due to the laser’s action. A few compresses with cold water or ice will help with the reduction of the inflammation. In very rare cases, the skin can swell, turn reddish or even there may appear scars. Summarily an FDA approved laser machine will give you the certainty that you are at minimum risk of being harmed by the laser level and intensity, even if you use it at home and you have no experience with it.

Here are 6 laser hair-removal machines that are FDA approved or cleared by FDA and are trusted as being safe to be used at home by whoever wishes to get rid of unwanted hair.

Veet Infini’Silk Pro

Veet Infini'Silk Pro

This is a well-known brand when it comes to personal-care products, especially the ones that target unwanted hair removal. Thus, it was only normal for the company to invest in a laser hair-removal machine. And they’ve come up with an excellent product, which uses the same type of technology that you find only in professional beauty salons and clinics. It is FDA cleared for home use so that you can be sure of its safety and quality. Made to clear hair all over the body, it can be used by women as well as me. Four to five sessions are supposed to be enough to relieve you of unwanted hair. That said, it depends very much on your hair type. The machine has five different intensity levels for the treatment and you can pick up the best for you. Your underarms, arms, stomach, bikini line, legs, back, and chest will be hair-free, smooth and shiny after completing treatment with this state-of-the-art machine. However, do read the instructions and recommendations before use.

Price – $230

Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro

Remington IPL6000 I-Light Pro

This is a brand with a high reputation in beauty care products. Remington has been creating incredible tools for women so they can avail salon-like results in the comfort of their homes. All Remington products have been known to have an excellent quality and this laser hair-removal machine undoubtedly is up to standard as well. FDA approved, the machine will get you rid of unwanted hair permanently after 6 months of use. It uses cartridges, which produce the laser light beams necessary to destroy hair follicles. One cartridge lasts for sufficiently  long time and after it gets depleted, you can buy new ones at very affordable prices. This beautifully crafted gadget has five energy levels, according to your needs, for a comfortable and safe adjustment. It can remove hair even on darker skin complexions like an olive skin tone. And this is appreciatively a great thing since laser hair removal on darker skin is harder to achieve.

Price – $213

Silk’n Flash&Go

Silk’n Flash&Go

It offers a more affordable laser hair-removal machine in comparison with the models that are at the top of the pyramid. Being affordable surprisingly, it costs below $150, and it is great for persons who want to get great hair removal results without spending too much money. Even if it is a bit cheaper, it doesn’t mean it is of inferior quality. Certainly  it might seem to be taking relatively more time  for the results to appear, but in effect cost and quality are in proportion. Besides as it is also a FDA approved machine, you can further be sure that you are not pouring your money down the drain. In approximately eight weeks you’ve weeded out about of 80% of your undesired hair. It is a machine that can be used both for the face and body treatment. It is also extremely comfortable, as it produces no pain or discomfort during usage.

Price – $148

BellaLite by Silk’n


If you are lucky you can lay your hands on it in a sale at a very low price.  It has three lamps, which can be disposed of after depletion, a quick-start guide and even a DVD for best hair removal advice. The machine is FDA approved, and it is safe to use at home, producing none to minimal discomfort, in comparison to other laser treatments or waxing. With this machine you can remove hair from one leg in just 30 minutes. It can be used by men as well. About 70% of the hair in the treated skin areas should disappear within three months of use according to clinical studies. This machine works best on persons with a light skin color, although it can handle brown or even black hair. It is not recommended to be used by people with a darker skin complexion since they may not have the desired effects. It can be used also for the facial hair treatment.

Price – $195

Tanda Me Smooth

Tanda Me Smooth

Though this laser machine is claimed to remove hair from all skin types and tones, however, it works best for people with a lighter hair color. With this machine, a darker skin and hair may prove to be difficult to handle with. So specifications and recommendations need to be taken in carefully before purchasing it. It is an FDA-cleared machine for home use and it is highly comfortable, without any discomforts, pinching or stinging sensations. It may not be as efficient as other models on dark hair because it does not have all the features they do and sometimes results may not be as perfect as claimed. Still, if you are a person with light hair, you can very well enjoy great results with this brand.

Price –$134

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Is it that previous models have let you down a little? If so, keep reading as you might consider this one quite interesting. Unlike other types of laser hair-removal machines presented earlier, this one does not need a cartridge to function. Thus you won’t have to spend more money on getting another cartridge for it. It is true that it doesn’t come too cheap either, but it is much more efficient, offering results twice as faster as any other machine designed to be used at home. It is a professional device, utilizing the same technology appreciated and used by dermatologists, and it is cleared by the FDA for home usage. You just need to charge it in order to use it. The machine doesn’t require any maintenance costs whatsoever. So this may come as a relief if you think the price is a bit too high. The results start appearing after just two treatment sessions.

Price – $449

Already using one of these machines or any other one? Do share the name of your shared device and your experience with us.