If you own a WiFi enabled phone, it is very likely that a question may have flashed across your mind, “is there any app that performs a voice call between two WiFi enabled devices making use of their WiFi hardware?” because via WiFi we can send/receive files at very high-speed compared to a data connection.

Actually some apps are available who claim that using them it is possible to make a voice call over WiFi. That means if you and your friends are under the range of WiFi (under 50 meters away from each other), you both could be able to call each other over WiFi.

But in fact these kind of apps I tested are of no use. Our research went on too far and finally we find a working solution. It is Hike, an instant messaging app much like of WhatsApp but offers far more features. It offers a feature names Hike Direct. Utilizing Hike DIrect feature, user can not only share files, videos, music, contacts and .apk files but also chat and voice call on WiFi. There is no need to have a GSM network or data connection if you and your friend have Hike Direct enabled.

So How to make a call using Hike Direct


  • Hike messenger must be installed on both the devices that want to call each other (get Hike from Google Play)
  • Both the devices must be under the range of WiFi of each other (under approx 50 meter, roughly said a medium area house)


In Phone A open Hike > Open the contact that you want to make call to

Click on the 3 dots at top right corner and click on Hike Direct



Now ask your friend to do the same on their phone

On doing so, Hike Direct connection is established and a “Phone call” icon appears at top right in both phone.


Using this “Phone Call” icon you or you and your friend can make call each other

Note – call quality depends on WiFi signal strength. If there are many thick walls between you and your friend, signals get weak and call can be interrupted. Additionally, if the WiFi hardware of any of connected device is weak, this may also cause a poor connection.

Closer are the connected devices, better is the call quality.