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Two Korean mobile maker giants are now directly facing each other after launch of LG G3. It is the first time that Samsung’s flagship phone is having to face tough competition against any other company’s flagship mobile and Samsung is seemingly lagging behind when we compare both phones tech specifications.

But it is not that LG G3 will must  win the race. There are some features where Galaxy S5 is clearly better than LG G3 i.e. camera and its unique type of finger print sensor. Many of the reviewer declared that LG G3 is the winner while many other said that overall winner is Galaxy S5. Some of said that it is hard to decide which is better and both smartphones are perfect.

There are many critical that indicated that Samsung monarchy has come to its end. Where on one hand Motorola is blowing Samsung’s mid-range Smartphones by launching super cheap Smartphones, LG is giving tough fight to its Flagship phones since LG G2 came into existence on the other hand.

Now putting all confusions aside, we start our in depth comparison from the ground. Let’s see which one is the best overall.


LG G3 has a blazingly high resolution Quad HD display ( 2560X1140px ) and S5 has Super AMOLED full HD display with 1080x1920px resolution. G3 clearly defeat Galaxy S5 when it comes to PPI because its screen PPI is 534 which is 432 in case of S5 that is far lesser. G3 also wins in screen size comparison. G3 features extra large 5.5 inches display before which S5 5.1 inches display seems pretty smaller. However,considering QHD display useless, many of reviewers said that using so much high resolution display is a foolish step by LG because even on HD display no one can detect pixels without using magnifying glass; then what is the benefit of using Quad HD display in mobile phones.

Huawei Boss Richard Yu said that Huawei will stick with 1080p full HD display and will not use QHD display in its Smartphones. Using QHD display in Smartphones is totally nonsense. It is impossible for naked human eye to determine between Full HD and 2K displays on mobile screens, he added.

But according to physics naked human eye can differentiate pixel density upto 600 ppi and it proves that 2K displays are clearer than full HD displays even on mobile phones.

So here we have to say that LG G3 is the definite winner considering resolution of screen.

Like Always Samsung used AMOLED display in S5 which produces more vibrant colors and rich blacks while G3 has IPS LCD display which is not so vivid and vibrant. But in sunlight LCD display looks better than AMOLED. Overall AMOLED display is better than LCD display. So S5 is winner here.

G3 S5 Winner
Display Resolution QHD Full HD G3
Display Type IPS LCD Super AMOLED S5 or  your own preference
PPI 432 534 G3
Size 5.5 inches 5.1 inches G3
Screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Tie
Overall Winner Your own preference

Winner – G3 or Decide yourself based on your own preference

Design and Size

G3 and S5 both bodies are made of polycarbonate plastics that is better than metal or glass bodies. Plastic body can absorb shocks and can protect your smartphone. So there seems to be a tie between these two phones considering body material. When it comes to design G3 brushed metallic surface beats S5 dimpled plastic surface. Moreover G3 design looks better than S5, however design is a controversial thing and different people may like different design. Some of them may like G3 brushed metallic surface  with curved smoothly like lens on back side and on top and bottom faces. While many of them may go with dimpled plastic surface of S5 with curved corners. Personally I like G3 design specially its back side where arrangement of Camera, flash and Up Down keys looks really awesome.  However G3 is slightly thicker than S5.

Though G3 has larger screen still it is not much larger than S5 and how it could be possible? LG has reduced left and right sides and expand the screen reducing the bezels extremely. However G3 is larger but still it is pocket friendly as much as S5.

Winner – G3


Both Smartphones are blazingly fast because of their Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. The only difference is of RAM which is 3 GB in LG G3 ( 32GB version ) while in Galaxy S5 it is 2GB. However Note 3 has 3GB RAM Samsung kept S5 on 2GB that seems all greek to me. 3 GB RAM would have made S5 more powerful.

But there is another shocking story that has been brought by a LG G3 reviewer who performed an Antutu Benchmarking for his G3 handset. Benchmarking result shows that G3 scored lower than even Lg G2. Result has HTC One M8 on top followed by Galaxy S5 which is on second number. But G3 is not anywhere in top ranking. Probably it is because of G3 has a smart feature of adaptive processing for the CPU that can change clock speed to preserve battery life. The other reason may be that this test is done on a development device and not on a retail device.

Winner – According to specs – G3 ( 32GB) is winner G3 (16GB ) – tie

Rear Camera

It seems that there is not much importance of Megapixels for LG because they stick with 13 MP camera as of G2. But it has some extra features e.g. laser focus with the help of which it can focus better on moving objects and can take more clear pics. On the other hand S5 has 16 Megapixel camera which may be better than G3 camera when it comes to pixel density in pictures. We can not come to any conclusion until we have a side by side comparison images and videos of both phones.

G3 S5 Winner
Megapixels 13 16 S5
Focus Auto Laser auto G3
Video recording 4K,Full HD, HD 4K,Full HD, HD Tie
Flash Dual LED LED G3

Where on one side S5 camera has more megapixels, on the other side G3 camera features laser autofocus. So it is hard to decide who is the winner considering rear camera.

Winner – S5


G3 is packed with 3000 mAh battery which seems more powerful than S5 2800 mAh batter. Both Smartphones have removable batteries. Battery life should be similar because both have same CPU and GPU. The only thing that may make a big difference is QHD display of G3. It is a big probability that G2 QHD display could consume more power than a full HD display. However we are not sure about it. There are many reports that S5 battery drains very rapidly. And really we criticize Samsung why they did not use a more powerful battery in S5 while the machine of this Smartphone is very strong.

Checkout a test showing G3 battery efficiency outstanding

Winner – G3


Both Smartphones are available in two Internal memory variants; 16GB and 32GB. Expandable memory support is also same in each of them and they support microSD card up to 128GB memory. So there is a clear draw here comparing storage capacity.

Winner – G3

Other Features

When we saw Fingerprint sensor in S5 we seemed that LG might also add this feature in G3 but it did not happen and G3 does not feature hear rate monitor like S5. So, here S5 users have clear advantage over G3 users. Moreover S5 is a waterproof device whereas LG does not mention anywhere if G3 is a water resistant device.

Winner – S5