Mobile market is full of all kind of Smartphones and a full spectrum of specifications is available according to buyers needs, some of them being really worth spending money on them. Some phone is attracting buyers because it has a very powerful processor while another has QHD display and so on. But when it comes to brand value, the real competition all boils down to scuffle between flagship phones of Apple and Samsung. Current scenario is, iPhone 5S and galaxy S5 are pitched against each other and connoisseurs of high end mobiles are confused about which one to buy: Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5S.  From one standpoint it would be no taking side to say that Galaxy S5 has way more alluring specifications than iPhone 5S and any review or comparison gets meaningless. Yet the quality , efficiency and a standalone status of iPhone 5S has its own charm and you will surely have to count these qualities while preparing any honest comparison of these phones. This comparison has been made after taking every subtle aspect of both phones into consideration.


So let’s see which one fits your choice:-

Processor- War of Efficiency

iPhone 5S has 1.3 GHz cyclo0ne dual core processor while in Galaxy S5 Samsung has used most powerful ever quad core mobile processor that is clocked 2.5 GHZ. Yet in no way we could say that Samsung’s 2.5 GHz quad core processor is better than Apple’s dual core A7 64 Bit processor because both phones use different Operating systems and it’s a well known fact that Android ( being used in Galaxy S5) is a resource hungry software that needs more RAM and a powerful processor. Aside from the splendid numerical values of these specifications there is an underlying story too and that is that different tests show a number of applications run faster in iphone5S.

Camera unlock time– iPhone 5S is faster.

Nova Game Launch Time–  iPhone is much faster than Galaxy S5.

Minion Rush Lunch Time– iPhone 5S is faster.

This comparison would have been really easier  if almost all benchmarking tests would not have found Galaxy S5 better i.e. in almost all benchmarking tests iPhone %s is way behind Galaxy S5.

  • in Antutu test iPhone 5S scores about 29000 while Galaxy S5’s score is more than 40000.
  • iPhone 5S finishes the RunSpido JavaScript test in 416 ms whereas Galaxy S5 finishes this test in only 408 ms.
  • In Geekbench test score of iPhone 5S is 2556  while that of Galaxy S5 is 2927.

Now time to declare the winner in the war of processor efficiency: Which one is better at performance ? The answer is : No one is definitely better than the other  as far as efficiency of processor is concerned because at running the application iPhone 5S is better while at Benchmarking tests Galaxy S5 is better.

Outcome: Tie/Draw.

Design and Size

Apple has always been the Numero Uno as far as design and style is concerned and so is true here. iPhone 5S is built of Aluminium body and its corners are polished. As always Samsung has used Polycarbonate plastic in Galaxy S5 with a dimpled backside. And if the truth be known in terms of design iPhone 5S is triumphant with flying colors. iPhone 5S is substantially smaller in size than Galaxy S5 and it would easily fit your palm. Moreover iPhone 5S’s whole screen is under the reach of the fingers of the same hand. Galaxy S5 being larger in size, you feel a bit inconvenient and have to spread your fingers to hold it in one hand. That said both the phones are pocket friendly.

So the result is clear: iPhone 5S is the winner.


Galaxy S5 (5.1 inches) has a much larger display size than that of iPhone 5S ( 4 inches) so no second thought and Galaxy S5 has a clear edge over iPhone 5S in terms of display size. As far as screen quality is concerned, while iPhone 5S shows more accurate colors than those of Galaxy S5, on the other hand Galaxy S5’s colors are more saturated and vibrant and that is again a plus point for Galaxy S5. Though brightness quality  of both phones is almost identical yet we feel iPhone 5S’screen a little bit brighter. Overall, both phones have good displays and no one has an edge over another.

Winner: Draw


The rear camera of Galaxy S5 is 16 MP while that of iPhone 5S is only 8 MP. Though the resolution of photos shot with Galaxy S5 will be more than the resolution of photos shot with iPhone, our readers will be aware that a high resolution is not always a mark of high picture quality.

A 8-megapixel, back side illuminated (BSI) rear camera sensor  with a dual LED flash is studded in iPhone 5S  that enables you to capture 3264 x 2448 resolution stills and record Full HD video at 30fps, with a slow motion function.  A good  1/3in sensor with 1.5µm pixels captures more light information  than Galaxy S5 that has 1/2.6in sensor with 1.241µm pixels.

in Galaxy S5 the new ISOCELL sensor technology  has been used. This technology  removes the crop factor of the final image and does not let the light leak from one pixel to another so that dynamic range is greatly improved. It captures 4,640×3,480 (16.15-megapixel) stills and records 1080p video at 60fps. you can also record Ultra HD (4K) 3,840×2,160 video at 30fps with a high definition video.


Galaxy S5 has both internal and expandable Storage support while iPhone 5S does not have any expandable memory slot. Galaxy S5 is available in two different memory versions; 16GB and 32GB and like iPhone 64GB memory version is not available. But who cares for 64GB internal memory when Galaxy S5 supports a microSD card upto 128GB. This makes a clear victory for Galaxy S5

Winner – Galaxy S5