As I earlier wrote in many of my previous articles on Formidable Pro, I earn around two to three thousand dollars by Formidable Pro, just working for few hours at that. At the moment I am really excited as I tell you that I have just discovered a plugin that is far more advanced than Formidable Pro in terms of data management.

There are two things about the website building:

By now WordPress is so advanced, foolproof and ahead in everything that both things we mentioned above can be accomplished without prior requirement of any programming knowledge on your part provided you have a keen knowledge of operating WordPress.

Toolset - Create data management website

Now for a moment, just for a moment forget WordPress sphere, you would realize that even a small database application can cost you an arm and a leg. Take for example a ‘real estate' website.

A software to be fashioned with the help of the database and PHP (or ASP) is needed for a real-estate (or any other kind of directory) website. This software essentially needs to have the following features: A real estate agent should be able to complete the registration process just by a form.

  • A real estate agent could add his property through a form.
  • Visitors should be able to make their search specific by filtering their search on the basis of bedroom, drawing-room, washroom, location, price etc.
  • There should be a dedicated page for the submitted property so that all the information about the submitted property could be found out on a single page and in a more specific and cogent way.
  • The property page should contain an inquiry form by which visitors could connect to the agents.
  • The profile page of an agent should have a contact form, the related contact information and all the property of the agent listed.
  • Agents and other users should be able to log in to manage their properties.
You can make a bundle if you can build data management websites like directory websites, any kind of data management system, custom eCommerce websites etc..

So how do you think you would build such a portal? Even if you are a developer, it would be a hard nut to crack and it could easily take months. And if you are not a developer, just forget about it. You will have to hire a programmer to make such a portal for you for which you would have to spend thousands of dollars, a big money indeed.

Now come again into WordPress sphere. Yes, undeniably there are a lot of highly useful and workable WordPress themes with the help of which a real estate website can be easily set up without any knowledge of programming. But there's a problem. There is not a single theme available whose design you can change to your liking. Actually I am not taking about the homepage because a homepage comparatively can be customized to some extent. But when it comes to a listing page or a product page, there is nothing you can do about them as no theme allows you to create a custom design for them.

As for Formidable Pro, this plugin allows us to build the content template but that's all because with this we cannot build a template for archive pages. For example when we build a directory website using this plugin, we can display any piece of data wherever we want it to appear on a listing page and every element of the listing can be styled in a desired way. But where all the listings are shown (such as 5 or 10 listings per page) we cannot make them appear the way we want them to. Even on the loop page, we cannot get the listings to show in a grid layout. To this end we need custom coding.

With the help of Toolset, creating data-management websites is a kid stuff.

Toolset is such a plugin suite which besides providing a listing layout provides tools for creating an archive layout.

A Toolset subscription provides the following WordPress plugins, which are incorporated into a single interface to work together.

  • Types –  to create custom post types and taxonomies.
  • Views – to create custom content templates for posts and archives. It also helps create advanced search filtering of content.
  • CRED – Add and edit content from front-end. Let others add and edit their own content.
  • Access – to create and manage various user roles.
  • Layouts – layout builder (a virtual theme creator for WordPress).
  • WooCommerce Views – to create custom design for WooCommerce product and archive pages.
  • CRED Commerce – to Integrate WooCommerce payment system into your directory-listing membership website
  • Module manager – manage all Toolset plugins at one place.
  • Maps – to show your posts on a Google Map, to integrate an address field that attaches a listing address to Google Map automatically.

This way with the help of Toolset we can not only display the data in a desired custom layout by collecting the data on the front-end, but also we can design the pages of WooCommerce. Moreover we can collect the payment by integrating to WooCommerce our directory-listing website like a Real Estate website, Business website, People's directory.

Toolset is a wonderful can-do-all thing that really can transform an ordinary WordPress user into a developer. Yes, it's no exaggeration that by this you can earn thousands of dollars.

Using Toolset, following portals can be prepared without any knowledge of programming:

  • Real Estate
  • Buy sell listing website
  • Local business listing website
  • Classified website
  • Custom WooCommerce shopping website
  • Question Answer website
  • Magazine website
  • Company website with custom layout (using its Layout builder)
  • Exam result display website
  • Stock management website

Public or private data entry and data management websites such as employee management, patient management, school management, office management etc.

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How to get to your niche clients i.e. clients whose demands can be met successfully with the help of Toolkit.


A Freelancing website is a good  way to connect to the would-be customers, whose projects can be accomplished through Toolset:


Other than that, through social networking websites too like Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin, you can get to the persons seeking a data management application at a low price.


You can really make a fortune, if you can build a team that can market for you in your local area. At least your local area market should be aware that you or your company deal/s in the web development so that anyone interested could contact you.

Try Toolset for free

Note- Toolset is developing rapidly and regarding the enormous features it is offering at present, its price are very reasonable or rather less than expected. Another alluring thing is that Toolset can be purchased with lifetime updates and support. I have done exactly the same. As a personal rule, I try to grab any product which I have to pay for once only. Its major benefit is that you don't have to worry about the extra payment for updates in the future. And as I just mentioned, Toolset is shaping up very fast. A good new feature every other day is added to this plugin toolkit like a new feather in its cap. In short, I'd say I'm lucky that I can get updates of first-class and marvelous premium resources like Toolset, Microthemer and Formidable Pro without paying any extra fees.

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