When I bought .guru domain, I was curious to see whether Google is indexing .guru domains or not. I also wanted to know about other registered .guru TLD domains. I googled “.guru domains” but it did not display any indexed .guru domain and it just displayed domain seller websites asking to register .guru



Finally I found a command for Google search to show only TLD specific websites and I am sharing it with you.

Just type following command in Google search bar  “ site:.TLDname “,  for example if you want to search .guru domains in Google just type site:.guru and it will display all indexed .guru domains.


This will help guess what is Google's behavior for specific TLD or how Google is ranking a specific TLD.

Using this , You can also know how many domains for a specific TLD are indexed by Google. I have found that Google have; ( statistics 3 April 2014 )

14,660,000,000 .com indexed

923,000,000 .org indexed

1,530,000,000 .net indexed

164,000,000 .co indexed

300,000,000 blogspot blogs indexed

84,100,000 .biz indexed

61,600,000 .tv indexed

Now try it yourself and find out how many domains related to a specific TLD are indexed by Google.