If a WordPress website is hacked, we have no other way than resetting all plugins and themes. Resetting here means deleting and uploading all the plugins and themes manually so that all the infected files and standalone malware files could be wiped out. We all know that how much we depend on plugins for small to big functionalities. When someone starts a professional WordPress website, be it a professional blog or an eCommerce website, dozens of plugins are accommodated in the website.

Note – If bad guys accesses one of your WordPress installation via backdoor, they can access entire hosting account. So you need to clean entire hosting account.

If unfortunately their WordPress website is hacked, they need to reset their plugin and theme folders to make sure expunging of every last one of the infected files present in these folders. Deleting and reinstalling themes and plugins is boring, hectic and time consuming. If there are lots of installed plugins and there are multiple WordPress on hacked hosting account, you need to reinstall all WordPress websites.

Is there any way to reinstall plugins automatically?

Yes. It is now possible to reinstall 90% plugin automatically using one click.

Note – premium plugins that are downloaded outside from WordPress repository still need to be installed manually and not supported by automatic reinstall.
Thanks to Sucuri Security plugin we can reinstall and re-download plugins from WordPress repository. Sucuri Security is a very helpful security hardening plugin for WordPress that comes with an automatic plugin reinstall functionality.

Follow this tutorial how to make use of this feature

  • Install Sucuri Security plugin for free from WordPress repository. If you need help regarding how to install a plugin read this tutorial
  • After activating the plugin go to admin menu and you will see a new menu item added by this plugin.

  • Go to plugin Settings > Post hack

  • Scroll down the page and find out the feature to reinstall the plugins
  • Select all plugin and hit the “Submit” button

  • Sucuri will try to reinstall every plugin from WordPress repository
  • It is possible that you may get an error of “can't install” for some plugin. To resolve this issue, check those plugins and hit the “reinstall/submit” button again

Watch the full video tutorial

If you have any doubt, go ahead and write us in comment section.