Xolo Q1010i is an affordable premium quality Smartphone by Indian local manufacturer Xolo. In fact Xolo makes phone that can be compared to the international brands like LG, Samsung and Motorola and Smartphones by this company are much better than other phones made by other local mobile maker companies such as Micromax,Intex and Lava etc.

Xolo Q1010i is one of the best Android phone in the price range of 10,000 INR. As a matter of fact it is better than Moto G in quality ( Camera, Display, Battery and touch) as well as performance ( we manually compared both phones).

Well, Let’s cut to the edge and we are happy to tell you that Q1010i supports ultra responsive touch i.e you can use it even wearing gloves. You need not to take off your gloves to use the phone screen in winter. Apart using it with gloves, ultra responsive touch increases the screen sensitivity and it seems that screen responds without touching it with fingers.

How to activate Ultra responsive touch

By default this feature is not activated on the device and Xolo have not mentioned this feature on its website. But truly, Q1010i doe have this feature and it is very easy to activate this feature with one click in settings.

All you need to go to Phone Settings > Language and Input


In Language and Input section, scroll down options to bottom and you will see an option “Glove Mode” at bottom most. Click this option to activate the Ultra Responsive Touch on your phone. Having activated this option, you will see the difference immediately. When you touch the screen with your finger covered with a thick garment or with a multilayered (folded) cloth, it will respond and thus you can use your phone even wearing gloves in the winter.

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