There are many times when Google doesn't respond to ping and fresh content of website is not indexed instantly and we might have to wait for some time to get blog post indexed. Another case is when we setup a website and need to get indexed immediately in Google, we get worried about slow indexing of website. So, in this article there is a great solution for ” How to index articles in Google instantly


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Why rapid indexing is necessary

  • When you write some content for short-lived opportunity or occasion or offer
  • When your write a breaking news
  • To protect your new blog post from quick content copiers

So, How to get your site / link indexed faster in Google?

Solution is easy


However its all upon Google whether it index your link or not. But this method works 99% for me.

  • Simply search “Google add url” in Google or follow this link
  • Google will ask you to sign-in in your Google account > then Sign into your Google account
  • Now add your link in URL field and type CAPTCHA correctly then press “Submit” button
  • Generally Google index submitted URL within one minute but it may take longer many times

Other ways



  • Use a ping website to send ping to Google. – link

Google Webmaster verified site

  • Use your Google Webmaster account and add your site
  • Now go to Site dashboard in Google Webmaster tools >  Crawl > Fetch as Googlebot
  • Enter your correct URL and submit fetch button
  • When Googlebot successfully fetched URL use “Submit to Index” button to get your link indexed

I hope this may help. Feel free to ask question and I would love to resolve your issue.

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