This tutorial helps you add sticky some content  when you scroll the page. Actually adding sticky content to the bottom of a page, top of a page or in any corner of a page is quite simple and it can be done adding a simple css rule. But adding a floating widget inside a sidebar requires more programming that may be got out of hand of a non-programmer or requires more time to implement assembled custom code.

Luckily there is a free and very effective plugin by virtue of it, it is pretty simple to make any content sticky or floating on page scroll. All you need to do is adding any widget to the floating widgetized area.

Benefits of making some content sticky in sidebar

  • Floating content is always visible to the reader and get the maximum exposure. If you add some content in floating area there are maximum chances that reader have a look on it and if interested may click on it. This way you can drive traffic to the desired sites or your affiliate sites. It can boost your affiliate sales if you are an internet marketer.
  • You can also drive traffic to your own product page and improve the chances of increased revenue.
  • Adding a social follow or email subscribe widget can boost your social engagement and email subscribers.

Caution – But don't add AdSense ads in floating area, it violates AdSense terms of services and your AdSense account may get in trouble.

Now lets cut to the chase and talk about the plugin. This plugin names Q2W3 Fixed Widget.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

This plugin is 100% free and can be installed direct from WordPress admin panel. If you are unable to find the plugin via WordPress dashboard, you can use the download link provided at the end of this post.

How to use the floating widget plugin

  • It is very simple to make use of the plugin. First of all install and activate the plugin.
  • Now go to Appearance > Widgets

  • Add desired widget to the desired widgetized area
  • Expand widget options and you will find a simple check box followed by the text “Fixed Widget”

Check the box and that's all. If everything goes good, you will find the widget sticky in sidebar and it keeps visible on scrolling the page.

There may be some chances if widget doesn't float. It may be due to floating widget plugin's JavaScript conflict with your theme or any other plugin. To fix this issue contact your theme developer and also check whether the problem is fixed on deactivating a specific plugin.

Advanced Floating Content

It is a premium plugin that lets us add floating content anywhere in the page. It is a dedicated plugin to add sticky content in your WordPress pages. Advanced Floating Content provides many feature such as content layout customization with its theme builder, show/hide content on different layout widths and lot more.

Download AFC Plugin

Features of AFC

  • Show sticky content anywhere on a page
  • Customize content layout with theme builder
  • Add video to floating area
  • Show floating content on certain height on page scroll
  • Show or hide content on different widths
  • Restrict floating content to logged in users only
  • Add shortcodes in content area

If you are looking for something else regarding sticky content, post your question in the comment section.

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