As a Huawei Honor 6 owner, you should know that your phone has infrared port and you can use your device as a remote control for your electronic devices like TVs, ACs, DVD players etc. Sadly some models of Honor 6 ( such as Indian model) lack built-in remote control app and their users can’t use this feature until they install remote controller applications required.

For example LG G2 has built-in remote app and its users need not to install it from anywhere else. Galaxy S5, Note 3 are also the same case and these phones have pre-installed remote app that works with infrared. Okay, let’s cut to the chase and lets talk about Honor 6.

In this tutorial we have shown how to set up remote control engine in your Honor 6 Smartphone.


To setup universal remote controller engine you need two apps and their download links are given below;


Step by Step guide

  • First install UEIAndroidServicesSDK.apk and then install HwRemoteController.apk
  • After installing both apps, go to app menu and locate the icon of Smart Controller
  • Click on this icon and you will be taken to the app option panel. You may see some pre-configured remotes on app panel. Ignore them and see a (+) button at top right of the app panel. Click on it
  • You will see four categories TV, Air Conditioner, STB ( Setup Box) and DVD Player.  You can choose any of them according to your need.
  • If you need to create a remote for your TV then click on TV button and search your brand from database.
  • For example we need to create a remote for our Sansui TV. We search for Sansui and click on it when it is located in database.
  • A power button will be appeared on next screen.
  • Now keep your phone’s top edge toward your TV and press power button
  • If power button makes your TV switch OFF or ON, your device is compatible with Smart Controller app.
  • Now save your remote with any name and then you will see your created remote interface. It has only a few controls i.e Volume up / down, channel changer keys and a few other option.

Watch the Video for better understanding

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