Fujitsu outstripping big fish of mobile manufacturing world like Samsung and taking a really great leap forward in the technological advancement announced that its new phone Arrows NX F-04G is going to be the first smartphone to have an iris scanner popularly called Iris Passport. The phone will be launched in Japan on may 28th, 2015.

Like fingerprint, iris pattern of every person’s eye is unique and after the phones having a fingerprint sensor became common, an iris scanning phone was being anticipated. And  Fujitsu beat mobile giants to it. This iris scanner is revolutionary as to unlock the phone you will just have to look at it for a trivially negligible 0.6 second.  It will get you rid of remembering password and ever looming fear of forgetting the password. Hang on, the spell of iris scanner just doesn’t break here i.e. it is not just limited to unlock the phone. You can use this iris canner to unlock all the applications that require a password.


As many of you quite likely to be aware, there is a great flaw in the working of fingerprint sensor. It declines to permit the access and tells fingerprints don’t match up when the thumbs or fingers are a little bit greasy, dusty or sweaty. Iris being an inner part of the eye is fully free of this drawback.

Besides It is clearly demonstrated that fingerprints can be faked. So the fingerprint scanner is no longer a very reliable security method. Faking an Iris though not theoretically impossible yet it is a far cry.

Of course Iris Passport is first things first. Yet we cannot ignore other tantalizing features that are in store for you in this phone.

Now let us have a look on other alluring and new age features of this phone. Besides presenting you with the iris scanning technology, Fujitsu is all set to rivet you with all the necessary and sate of the art specifications  of  Arrow NX F-04G like a high speed autofocus camera.  High speed autofocus feature allows the camera to focus on the subject instantaneously. It has  Exmor RS for mobile, a 1/2.4-type CMOS image sensor with approximately 21.5 million pixels that impart a fine nicety to pictures.

TransferJet technology- a new type of close proximity wireless transfer technology is another thing to be introduced by this phone in the mobile world.