Amid the rapid commercialization of WordPress, finding a free premium WordPress product is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, we have managed to discover and review some good real estate WordPress plugins that are free and really work.



Placester Real Estate Plugin

Placester presents itself as a really effective plugin when it comes to setting up a real estate listing website with WordPress. It is an absolutely free plugin and can be used out of the box if you don’t want to customize your real estate website a lot. Placester generates site pages required for real estate automatically and for your convenience it adds some demo data also. The plugin developer has created some free themes that are smoothly compatible with this plugin.

One of the essential features for a real estate website or any kind of listing website is custom search based on custom search criteria. Placester comes with this feature and you can create your custom search with desired search parameters.

Another alluring feature of Placester is this is an IDX /MLS compatible plugin i.e. you can import your local MLS listings automatically to your WordPress real estate website and whenever you update your local MLS database, Placester will update it on your website automatically. You can choose your MLS in plugin control panel > IDX/MLX > MLS Provider. Additionally, you can contact plugin developer if you don’t find your MLS provider in dropdown list.

The plugin supports CRM integration too and currently two CRM providers are supported; Contactually and Follow UP Boss. All you need to do is to add CRM api key to connect it with your CRM.

The downside of Placester is that we are unable to find an option to add custom fields to your listing page (Although we are not sure about it as yet and for further confirmation the developer needs to be contacted.). Additionally, you need to connect to free Placester account where all your listings will get synced.

Note – Frontend listing submission, management, agent account management, all these features are still to be confirmed and you can contact developer in this regard.

Salient features

  • Out of the box installation
  • Automatic page creations with sample data
  • Advanced search for listing
  • Create custom shortcodes to show content as per your needs
  • Connect with MLS/IDX and sync website listings automatically
  • CRM connect
  • Free connect to Placester

WP Property

WP Property Plugin

WP Property is a real estate plugin that, for all practical purposes,seems to be much promising –no less so even in its free version. It offers various options to run a flexible and advanced website of this kind.

Free version includes most of the essential features such as adding custom property types and custom property metas (custom fields), backend listing management with advanced listing search. Numerous shortcodes allow you to display listing data in various ways with various filters.

With the help of shortcodes, you can generate your desired advanced search adding custom metas in your search shortcode.

However, there are many features that are available only for pro version users such as Agent profiles, front-end listing submission, PDF Flyer generator, white-label control panel, slide-show, advanced map showing all listing in one place etc.

The remarkable setback of using free version of WP Property is that you can’t allow your clients to add listing from frontend and also Agent profiles and pages are unavailable on frontend.

Salient Features of WP Property (Free version)

  • Several shortcodes to create custom views of listing on frontend
  • Create advanced search with the help of advanced search shortcode
  • Create custom property types
  • Create custom property meta fields
  • Backend property management

WP Real Estate

WP Real Estate

When it comes to functionality and ease of use, WP Real Estate comes off as the best free real estate WordPress plugin packed with all the essential and the advanced features. However, like above mentioned plugins, free version of this plugins is also deprived of having pro features such as Frontend Submission, membership management and very likely frontend agent profiles too.

Coming to its backend functionality under free license, this plugin pops up as one of the most advanced real estate utility equipped with extensive options to build custom listing fields, custom users profile fields, location manager, custom listing, property and room types, SEO options, gallery manager and much more.

You can add listings to any page with the help of shortcode button in WordPress text editor.

There are many other great features that are covered under plugin addons which in fact, cost a pretty penny having a price tag of $199+.

Salient features of WP Real Estate Basic (Free)

  • Advanced listing builder that allows add many listing fields to listing form with availability of different type of form fields
  • User profile builder
  • Add custom property types
  • Add custom listing types
  • Add custom room types
  • Support for Google map
  • Video support for listing
  • Location manager
  • Notification manager
  • Readymade listing template for frontend
  • Full featured backend listing management with advanced search

Real Home (Theme)

Real Home Theme

There is one thing that for sure may have been nagging at the back of your mind and that is: All the three plugins detailed above don't have much to offer in their free mode or to put it differently don’t live up to the expectations, if you want to build a rock solid real estate portal. And their paid upgrades are pretty pricey. So even if Real Home is a paid theme, we have listed this theme (not a plugin) here. By shelling out a few bucks, you can get rid of all the difficulties which you face customizing free plugins and are able to reproduce a magnificent and masterpiece real estate website that will give satisfaction not only to your clients but also to yourself.

Real Home theme is packed with Visual Composer layout builder plugin that gives you full freedom to create custom layouts for your different real estate website and help you give the website unique look and feel.

Salient features of Real Home

  • Fully responsive design that Google has declared essential for better search engine visibility
  • Top notch page builder plugin included for free with the help of which you can create custom layouts on WordPress
  • Slider plugin included for free with state-of-art slider creation mechanism
  • Advanced property search
  • Frontend user registration and account management
  • Frontend property submission and management
  • Get paid from agents via PayPal
  • dsIDXpress plugin compatible
  • Show your properties either in grid or in simple format
  • Multiple photo gallery layouts
  • Custom widgets such as Advanced search widget, featured property widget
  • Demo (sample) data to setup a website within a few seconds
  • Top class technical support
  • Lifetime updates

We are not overstating when we say Real Home theme is the ideal solution for a real estate website using WordPress. What feature does this theme not cover? Well…everything.

Important advice
Hey reader! Stick around for a little while longer and also read our advice before heading to any of the above given stuff

Strategy behind the commercial plugins that are for free

Mostly free commercial plugins are not really free as they lack many advanced features which are essentially required to build a commercial website. These advanced features are sold as a paid upgrade or paid addons. For instance, you start your real estate website utilizing WP Real Estate plugin that includes many captivating features in its free version. Your website starts picking up steam as time goes by. Soon you start feeling strongly something really missing from your free plugin and importance of all that is not included in the free version sinks in. But it is too late and you have no choice but to to buy expensive paid upgrades and addons of the plugin.

So take your time and give some thought to what would be a better alternative– investment of a few bucks in starting or extravagance of several hundreds or thousands dollars shortly after you have started your website?

Let me put myself for a while in your shoes. As far as I think, you may have come across this post searching for some free real estate plugins that are actually free. But the reality is that there is no plugin that is free in a very real sense and to avail all features you ultimately need to buy their expensive addons. So a genuine advice will be: If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a paid theme or plugin, never mind. But if your pocket allows you to spend a little money, you should go for Real Home WordPress theme. It will not cost you an arm and a leg. It is pretty affordable as it costs you only $58 (one time).

If your real estate website is advanced and professional looking, you can make huge profit out of it, drawing attention of real estate agents. In short, “it is not a bad deal if you earn thousands bucks after spending a few.

Download Links for all above given Plugins

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Download Placester

Download WP Real Estate

Download WP Property


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