Formidable Forms’ much awaited release 4.0 is finally here and is all set to surprise you with tons of new improvements and totally new form builder interface to create forms easily.

Like all previous versions, this version is also not colored, which means that its color scheme is once again black and white. Of course, it doesn’t mean in any way that its being black and white belittles its colossal usefulness yet I’d say if it had had blue or red color, the form builder interface would have definitely looked soothing and better. Anyway, it’s not that big of a deal. What is important is that the form builder interface of Formidable Forms 4.0 is in a new avatar with particular focus on things like accessibility and simplicity as with the new version accessing all the features has become very straightforward and creating forms has never really been so easy.

Do you know that Formidable Forms is my best choice in WordPress builders – There are some posts that should go though to know the power of this plugin

The builder interface of the new version i.e. version 4.0 now occupies the entire screen and all the options related to form fields have been moved to sidebar.

Formidable 4.0 is dramatically fast

I checked version 4’s performance and, believe me, this version seemed to me much faster than ever.

Formidable 4.0 is focused on ease of use

If you’re going to create a big and large form which has lots of fields, you’re very likely to divide the form into many pages. Now with so many pages and fields, in order to customize the fields at the bottom of the form, you are again and again irritably required to scroll down the page. But with the new version, you don’t need to. Version 4 comes with the option to collapse the pages. So if you collapse a page-break break field, all fields that fall under it are collapsed and you get rid of unnecessary hassle of scrolling. This feature is really awesome and you can’t help thanking this feature especially when it comes to editing the extensive forms.

Version 4 comes with not only with refreshing and promising improvements in Form builder but also introduces better Graphical Reports. Reports creation admittedly is not so different from and easier than its previous versions but at the same time you can’t deny that Formidable Forms Team has buckled down to graphical reports and to take it to another level is now one of their priorities. We’re really looking forward to seeing ‘report feature’ with overhauling changes and improvements.

There are many other subtle improvements that we’ll only come to know over time as we use version 4. Simultaneously Formidable Forms team is going to release minor updates for version 4.0 which will come with several new features and fix the bugs.

One Important Feature That Is Still Lacking

Formidable Forms is not just a form builder. It’s also a powerful data management tool, which you can put to use to create database applications like directory listing websites and my readers know it very well as I’ve written so many posts on this topic.

It’s my earnest request that Formidable Forms development team provide visual tools to create ‘Data View’ or alternatively integrate some page builder plugins such as Divi Builder, Visual Composer or Gutenberg editor. In this matter, Toolset team has really beaten everyone else to it and now you can integrate Toolset View- which is more or less like Formidable View- with Divi Builder and VIsual Composer. In other words you can use Toolset View to create dynamic data layouts with the help of these plugins.

On the whole, Formidable Forms really deserves the appreciation for their magnificently useful and lucratively enchanting tool and also for putting their efforts day in day out to develop the tool. . As for me, I’m a lucky user of Formidable Forms Pro as I have a license for lifetime plugin updates which is really something as it has been discontinued and is no longer offered by the company. I also recommend that you all read the article, the link of which is given below. I hope that it will be useful for you.

Full changelog screenshot taken from Formidable Forms official website