Since the release of Divi’s visual builder, Divi has been my favorite layout builder. Divi deserves this status and whenever necessary I never shy away from writing that it’s genuinely and extremely easy to create advanced layouts with Divi builder. In my opinion, it’s the most advanced layout builder both inside and outside the WordPress realm – whether it’s about flexibility or features or ease of use. However, Elementor and Visual Composer are very close matches to the Divi Builder and there’s no denying that Elementor is the most popular layout builder right at the moment (mostly thanks to its free version). But still I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it seems implausible to beat a potent beast like Divi Builder in terms of its solid code framework, technical support, pricing and powerful development rate (perpetual product updates), if not impossible.

Recently we received a big Divi update that was all about creating custom WooCommerce product template or designing dynamic content of WooCommerce Product page. After that update, Divi users have been able to create custom layout for WooCommerce products and that is really awesome. Besides, some WooCommerce modules were added that are especially meant to design WooCommerce product page elements like Product Photo gallery, Related Products etc.

Now bigger news has come. The much awaited Divi Theme Builder is going to be live in Oct 2019. The countdown to the launch date has begun and Divi users will be able to download new Divi Theme Builder update on 17th of Oct 2019. After this update, it will be possible to create and assign custom header and footer layouts for different pages.

I’ve been waiting for this update for almost one year and definitely most of Divi users have been looking forward to it. There are many web design clients that demand totally different header layout for their websites. At present, it’s not possible to create custom header layouts with Divi builder. To create custom header layout one needs to make changes in theme php files which is not convenient for all web designers and non-programmers.

Divi Theme Builder will not only add a header builder and footer builder but also it will be a true theme builder. With the help of Divi Theme Builder, we’ll be able to create custom post/page templates, archive page templates without touching php. That is called a real theme builder.

Not only that, with the help of Divi Theme Builder, you’ll be able to design WordPress archive pages such as tags, category, product shop etc.

In the following lines, we’re going to have a look on some salient features of Divi Theme Builder. Let’s get started.

  • Divi Theme Builder will let you create custom header, footer designs
  • Divi Theme Builder will allow us to create different headers for different pages/posts
  • Divi Theme Builder will make it possible to create custom archive pages layouts
  • Divi theme builder will be available to create dynamic content layouts like post/page/product template
  • Most importantly it’s just the start we hope that Divi theme builder gets more and more powerful with each and every update, which will be very frequent.

Divi Theme builder is the finest deal for any web designer and there are two valid reasons for it –

  • Unparalleled features
  • Unparalleled pricing

Get more details at Divi's official website 

You can get Divi Theme Builder for unlimited websites (you or your clients) paying only once. Yes. It is true. Currently, except for Elegant Themes membership, no other theme builder is available at one-time payment. Elegant Themes membership comes packed with Divi and some other cool stuff. You can buy it at yearly pricing or at a stunning one time pricing.