update – Divi 3.0 is released – read here

Divi, the flagship theme of Elegant Theme is apparently going to make a splash this time. From what we know, it seems that Divi 3.0 and Divi Builder are all set to change the web designing a great deal. It was a couple of year ago that the first frontend page builder was launched for WordPress and as we know it was Live Composer. Live Composer does create the layout on frontend and the changes are reflected in real time. But the major issue with Live Composer is that its grid building mechanism is not so evolved and creating rows and columns is not optimized. By and large, we would say that Live Composer is not fast enough to create layouts quickly and besides it needs a lot of improvements. That is why its author made it free for all WordPress community.

Divi 3.0

Following Live Composer, soon another plugin, Beaver Builder, was there to be talk of the town. Beaver Builder garnered lots of good talk and reputation due to its easy and advanced frontend layout creation system. With the help of Beaver Builder web design agencies can let their clients edit and create their websites and it can be used as a white-labeled website builder. Beaver Builder is faster and more advanced than Live Composer but as far as perfection is concerned, it still has to go a long way

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Now we talk about Divi builder whose current version works on website backend. We can say that Divi Builder is the fastest and the most advanced page builder plugin for WordPress. Even web pundits say that It seems just a matter of time before Divi turns into a web design platform because of its extremely user friendly interface, functionality and of course its speed.

In the time when WordPress backend is gradually shifting to frontend, Divi 3.0 keeping abreast of new developments, is coming with frontend layout creation system and after seeing its first teaser video I am sure that it will be an unprecedented and unforgettable frontend layout builder not only in WordPress sphere but outside this also.

In the teaser video of upcoming Divi 3.0, I have observed incredible improvements in speed and the way it works on frontend. This teaser video is a fast-forwarded version of a normal video playback. That is why I have run this video at 1/4 times of its original speed to determine how fast frontend builder works. And luckily there was no loading found while editing layout on frontend. Changes are wonderfully and soothingly instant.

Watch the teaser Video of Divi 3.0 frontend layout builder.

It is just a teaser and Divi 3.0 will be launched packed with much more than in this video.

Highlights of teaser video

  • I observed that changes are instant without any loading.
  • All builder options are available on frontend.
  • We can resize and drag module option window.
  • We can readjust the size of page to see how it looks in different display sizes.
  • There is a save button at bottom right.

Checkout Divi on its website

Lead developer Nick Roach also confirmed that in addition to frontend layout editing, creating a layout from scratch will also be possible with frontend builder.

Whether or not Frontend layout creation will be white-labeled? There's no official information on this.

Divi is a rising star and its development is unstoppable. It reaches its acme every year. It sets new goals and no doubt achieves them. A price hike for Elegant Themes club membership can’t be ruled out in near future. So to avoid the new price, grab your license as soon as possible like me.