It is a step by step guide to create a .COM website by shelling out less than one dollar. This guide is very helpful for those who are getting started with web design with WordPress.

The only registrar that gives everybody a chance to buy a .COM domain for $0.99 which is almost free. To avail the deal, you need not to have any discount coupon and you can buy any available .COM domain at this price anytime on

Get your 1 dollar .COM domain

If you don't want to point your website to a custom domain, you can use a subdomain provided by hosting company. But custom domain (or TLD domain) such as .COM is recommended.

After buying a domain, go get a free web hosting plan. There are many web hosting companies out there which offer free web hosting. But among them, only a handful companies can be said reliable;

Our recommended free web hosting providers

It is the best free web hosting provider that comes with easy to use cPanel. With 000webhost, you can get your hosting account functional within a few minutes. (most recommended free hosting)

AwardSpace is one of the most reliable companies that provide free web hosting without ads. This hosting comes with its own custom control panel. However, like other free hosting providers, Awardspace limits feature in free hosting plan. But with Awardspace free hosting, it is easy to run a small personal website with a few hundreds visitors per day.

Get AwardSpace free hosting

AwardSpace is my cup of tea when it comes to free web hosting. You can host your own custom domain with Awardspace, get 1GB storage, 1 database, 5 GB traffic, easy WordPress installer and much more. So let’s create a website for free with AwardSpace hosting.

Step 1

Signup for a free hosting plan – It is easy to signup for a free hosting account on AwardSpace. After signing-up, you get a confirmation email within a few seconds to a few minutes. Clicking on confirmation email take you on your web hosting control panel.

Step 2

Login to your AwardSpace control panel

Step 3

Click on Domain Manager

AwardSpace Domain Manager

Step 4

Click on “Host a Domain” and type your domain name you bought from (type it without www and http://)

AwardSpace Add Domain

Step 5

Now go to your domain account and add awardspace nameserver for your domain name

AwardSpace Nameservers

Read How to setup nameserver for web hosting  (believe me it is very easy)
Step 6

Get back to AwardSpace control panel

Step 7

Click on Zacky Installer

AwardSpace - Click on Zacky Installer

Step 8

Choose WordPress

AwardSpace - Zacky Installer - Select WordPress

Step 9

Choose your domain name and enter required detail to install WordPress.

AwardSpace - Click on Zacky Installer - adding detail

Let the Zacky Installer install the WordPress

Step 10

in your browser type the following URL – http://yourdomainname/wp-admin

Step 11

Replace blue text with your domain name

Step 12

Enter your WordPress username and password, you have created while installing WordPress with Zacky Installer

Logging in WordPress

Step 13

On your WordPress admin dashboard go to pages > add new page

Click on Add New Plugin

Step 14

Create a page and name it as Homepage (or anything else you want)

Publish Homepage

Step 15

Now go to settings > Reading > Set the create page as homepage

WordPress Settings -- Reading settings

WordPress Settings - Reading Settings -- Setting up Homepage for WordPress

Step 16

Now go to plugins > Add New Plugin

Click on Add New Plugin

Step 17

Search for Live Composer and install the plugin for free

Search Live Composer

Install Live Composer Page Builder Plugin

Step 18

Go to Live Composer panel and download a free theme for Live Composer

WordPress Dashboard - How to open Live Composer Page Builder Plugin

Download a free Theme by Live Composer

Install a free Live Composer Compatible theme

Step 19

Install and activate the downloaded theme as shown in the images

Installing a theme

Installing a theme 1

Installing theme - Click on install button

Installing WordPress theme - Select file from computer

Installing a theme - Actvate the theme

Step 20

Now go to the pages > for page named Homepage click on “Edit in  Live Composer”

Edit in Live Composer

Step 21

Now edit the website header something like in the video demo given below

After finishing editing the header, don’t forget to publish the changes using the publish button at bottom left of the page

Step 22

Now create the page layout using Live Composer something like the video demo given below

Million dollar advice – Free web hosting comes with lots of restrictions. Playing and learning with free hosting is not bad. But if you are going to do something serious, do consider premium web hosting that gives you lots of tools, resources, customer support and yes it is very fast, too.

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Note – This post is still in beta. We are constantly improving this guide. If you find a bug please report it in comments. Humble suggestions are also welcome from experts.

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