Divi, Formidable Forms, Toolset, Microthemer are some names which are like a heavenly breeze and why they should not be like that because I’m lucky to have their lifetime update packages.

I’m one of the few selected and privileged guys on earth who will continue to receive updates of these wonderful products as long as they are developed. Now obviously the question is: Why there are only few people and incidentally how am I one of them? I’ve already written one article on this topic. Actually the thing is when a product is launched, as a marketing strategy, the products in most cases is also made available with an unlimited usage license along with other licenses because a new product need to carve its niche among its customers. Most, if not all, developers follow this strategy in one way or another to promote their products when their products are new but the problem is that with time they change their licensing terms but not thankfully for them who have once subscribed to the unlimited usage license and thus such customers continue to get the advantages of free updates.

Get Divi Builder the incredibly cheap and incredibly powerful Website Builder WordPress Plugin

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Yes you’re right to guess that I’m one of those few fortunate customers who were lucky enough to grab an unlimited usage license for the masterpiece software products like Formidable Forms, Toolset etc when the products were just toddlers. These products have discontinued their unlimited usage license and you have to pay a yearly fee to use any of their packages.

Divi Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer and Beaver builder, all four of them, are first-rate layout builder plugins and to a large extent we can say that these are the plugins which really have redefined WordPress. There’s no two ways about it that it’s just because of these layout builders that WordPress has emerged as the first choice of designers. With the help of WordPress and these plugins, web designers are able to design websites more effectively and the designers are in more control than ever and at the same time can save thousands of dollars and energy.

In this post I’m going to show you how Divi Builder differs from other layout builders of the same caliber and rank in terms of money that you have to spend over a period of ten years.


Divi Builder Visual Composer Elementor Pro Beaver Builder
1 Year cost $249 $349 $199 $199
5 Year cost $249 $1185 $795 $675
10 Year cost $249 $2230 $1689 $1270
15 Year cost $249 $3275 $2285 $1865
*price is calculated after
40% discount on renewal
*price is calculated after 25%
discount on renewal
*price is calculated after 40%
discount on renewal

It’s clear now that by simply being a Divi Builder user, you can save your thousands of dollars without compromising on anything and that’s a big relief as many people tend to believe that less money means less honey.

P.S – Divi Builder is still waiting for its integration with theme header, sidebar and footer. On the other hand, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder and Elementor come with header/footer builder out of the box.