What is VPN

VPN is a service that creates private and secure connection for you while you are connected to a public network or WiFi hotspot. VPN ensures your connection security making it private and encrypted. It is widely used by professionals to add an extra layer of security to their sensitive data. VPN providers have their own servers worldwide and it lets you connect with various available server locations around the world. This way your original internet id gets hidden and your IP is changed.

VPN keeps all your browsing data un-logged and even they themselves are unable to know what website you are browsing.

VPN is also used to bypass restrictions imposed by your country. With the help of VPN you can access all websites that are banned in your country.

 Many countries for a number of reasons from time to time block certain websites and you can’t access a specific website using your internet service provider, just because you are in a particular country. For instance several governments ban the torrent tracker websites like Pirate Bay, Extra Torrent. This happens because of copyright infringement complaints from several companies. There are some countries that partially or completely bar the adult websites. Not only this, some countries go to the point of blocking social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook.

Why VPN is a must-have thing for anyone who is involved in online business in any way.

Entrepreneurs hate restrictions

If you are an online entrepreneur, internet is your universe and you would like to be free to visit any website, no matter what your location is. There are many websites that might be blocked by your ISP or by your country. Sometimes unfortunately even some important and useful websites are facing the blockage . For example you find a video tutorial that is exclusively available on some particular website. But when you click on the website link, you find it is banned and you can't access it. How do you feel in such a situation? Stuck.  So, to browse internet freely and without any restriction, VPN is required.

You browsing is even more secure and encrypted

VPN encrypts your internet connection at military level security and no one can steal your browsing data and sensitive information like passwords etc. Your private video chats, VOIP calls etc. are all safe and can't be leaked as long as you avail servive of a good VPN.

Web designers can’t get stuck due to DNS propagation delay

If you are a web designer, blogger, you may need to transfer your own or clients’ websites from one to another server. Many times DNS changes are effective in your region but don’t change in the region where your web hosting server belongs. In that case, you can connect to that region via VPN and work on your website without waiting.

In this post, we have come up with the best available VPN services. We have manually reviewed all VPN services and explored good and bad aspects of them.

1. Private Internet Access

Pro – Largest network with maximum number of servers, DNS leak protection, kill-switch, zero logging, reliable speed, apps for all major platforms

Cons – simplistic client interface



PIA is an affordable and reliable VPN service offering high-speed data transfer via VPN servers. You can get a top class VPN service just shelling out $6.xx/month and this cost is cut down to $3.33/month if subscribed for one year. Let me tell you that PIA is the largest VPN provider when it comes to number of servers worldwide.

Servers – You can connect to over 3000 servers available in 24 different countries including US, Europe, Australia, Singapore and China.

Simultaneous usage – 5 devices

Speed – In various speed tests from several locations, PIA gives impressive results. Testing with US server, it gives 95% of total speed of naked ISP connection. While with the nearest UK server the speed is about 90% of original server speed.

Installation – PIA offers an easy to install software for PC. On installing the software, you can enter your login credentials of your PIA account to get ready to connect to the available locations. At client login window, you are provided with a handful of options such as data encryption, data authentication and hand-shaking.

Features – PIA client is an advanced VPN client that provides features like DNS leak protection, kill-switch to disable the original internet connection on VPN failure. Android app is available with minimalistic user interface and works like a charm. App is also available for Mac OSX and iOS.

Security – PIA offers VPN connectivity via Open VPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. With OpneVPN, AES256 data encryption, AES256 for data authentication and RSA-4096 for handshaking security methods are available.

Privacy – They don’t keep any log of users' internet browsing or anything else and it’s a big up for the company.

Support – They offer support via email, forum and even via Live Chat. Live Chat is the fastest way to get support. When we tried their Live Chat, it didn’t take longer than 3-4 minutes to connect with a support agent.

Refund policy – They can refund your money if you claim it within 7 days from the date of purchase. However, they don’t issue any refund on gift card purchase.

Pricing – PIA is one of the best choice for you if you are looking forward to a cheap yet highly reliable VPN. We will recommend you heading over to its yearly plan that slashes the price up to 50%.

Visit PIA Website

2. HMA Pro (Hide My Ass Pro)

Pros – Advanced VPN client, biggest list of countries, IP changer, IP binding, Live Chat, Apps for all major platforms

Cons – They keep connection and IP log (not browsing log), slightly costlier than others, only two simultaneous connections are allowed


HMA Pro or Hide My Ass Pro is a feature rich, secure VPN provider. The most interesting thing about HMA Pro is its huge list of countries that you can connect through. With their VPN client, you can connect to their servers in 190+ countries. It is outstanding indeed. HMA Pro VPN client is way ahead of most other VPN clients. It provides several security and connection options. HMA Pro client boosts connectivity via OpenVPN and PPTP. To disable DNS leak there is an advanced option named IP Binding. With IP Binding, you can force certain applications to work only under encrypted VPN connection. Whenever VPN is down, those applications will not be able to connect to your ISP directly.

Servers – HMA makes you woo with an overwhelming number of 300+ locations in 190+ countries and 126298 IP addresses. With this big number of servers you can access almost every restricted website from any location. Additionally, you can set your VPN client to change IP address automatically after every 10 minutes (or manually switch IP any time). This way you can stay away from hackers who have their evil eyes on your internet IP.

Simultaneous usage– 2 devices

Speed – Speed varies depending upon locations. In several speed tests, their US servers delivered around 90% speed of unencrypted connection speed while measured in US. UK results are also very impressive and with VPN you get more than 85% of original ISP speed. So, when it comes to speed HMA Pro is one of the fastest VPN out there.

Security – There are two types of connection method available; PPTP 128bit and Open VPN 128-256bit

Privacy – With the help of IP Binding option, you can force select applications to run under encrypted network. This way you can make private your internet browsing, Instant Messaging under VPN connection. If the VPN connection is lost, internet will not be available for the applications that are bound with VPN IP. HMA Pro don’t keep any browsing log, but they keep log of your IP, connection time for 3 months.

Apps – Windows, Android, OS X, iOS

Support – Email, forum, Live Chat and phone support is available. Their Live Chat is pretty fast and you can get connected to a support agent within 2-3 minutes. Twitter, Facebook and Twitter are another ways to reach them.

Refund Policy – If you are a first time user of HMA Pro, you can get 100% money back within 30 days. No refund will be issued if you are a returning customer.

Pricing – HMA Pro comes with 3 plans that are different just in terms of billing cycle. Their monthly plan is not very affordable, costing you $11.52/month. On yearly and 6 month- subscription you can save 43% and 28% respectively.

Visit HMA Website

3. ExpressVPN

Pro –  kill-switch, DNS leak protection, zero logging, reliable speed, apps available for all major platforms

Cons – only two simultaneous connections are allowed


ExpressVPN is a VPN provider that focuses mainly on security and simplistic user interface. Their VPN client gives full freedom to customize connection type. ExpressVPN offers over 100 server locations from 78 countries. ExpresssVPN is the best for you if you are looking forward to the best no-logging VPN.

Servers – They have their servers in 78 countries and you have 100 locations around the world at the ready to connect to.

Simultaneous usage – 2 devices

Speed – In several speed tests for US servers, speed is measured about 90% of original ISP speed. Similar test results are recorded for UK servers. Overall speed is very good.

Security – ExpressVPN’s client comes preconfigured for DNS leak and kill-switch and there is no need for customizing some options to enable these features. By default, you are connected to OpenVPN but can switched to L2TP or PPTP. Express VPN uses highly secure 256bit encryption.

Privacy – Inbuilt kill-switch and DNS leak protection.  no-logging VPN.

Apps – Windows, Android, OS X, iOS

Support – Support is available via email, forum and Live Chat

Refund Policy – If your account is not older than 30 days, you will be qualified for 100% refund. This way you can try Express VPN up to 30 days for free.

Pricing – Like most others, ExpressVPN has subscription plans for one month, six months and one year.  Six and twelve-month plans represent discount on their billing cycles.

4. Nord VPN

Pros – Advanced client, extra secure VPN providing double unbreakable encryption, reliable speed, zero-logging

Cons – Android app is not yet available (however, it is under development)


Exclusive – connect up to 6 devices simultaneously (others offer only 2), zero-logging

NordVPN is another major VPN provider, and the unique thing regarding this VPN is that it doesn’t keep any kind of log- neither your browsing log nor location and connection log. This is the best choice for you if you are highly concerned about your privacy and security. They provide 256bit encryption with Open VPN. The fact that it is based in Panama (outside US and UK) makes it free from US  and UK log keeping policies and you will be 100% anonymous with this provider.

Servers – They have a dedicated and detailed page regarding their servers around the world. They have currently 456 servers in 26 countries and growing. Unlike many other VPN providers, NordVPN gives load detail, ping time, server uptime status regarding all servers.

Simultaneous logins – 6 devices

Speed – NordVPN US and UK servers are blazing fast. However, the server speed varies in different locations. But overall their encrypted-connection-speed is around 90% of original ISP speed.

Security – NordVPN is one of the most secure VPN provider, offering 256bit AES encryption with OpenVPN. However, it doesn’t have built-in option to connect in PPTP mode.

Privacy – The best VPN service that protects your privacy and provides 100% no-logging system and 256bit AES protection. It is one of the rare VPN providers that allow TOR VPN and have double HOP encryption, making it almost unbreakable for hackers. DNS Leak protection and kill-switch is in-built

Apps – They have apps for Windows, iOS, Mac OSX. However, Android app is under development (you can connect VPN using Android inbuilt VPN option though)

Refund policy – They offer 30 day-full money-back guarantee. Refunds on BitCoin purchases are not processed.

Support – Support is provided by Live Chat and Email. We have experienced pretty fast support via their Live Chat.

Pricing – Nord VPN is a highly affordable VPN service considering its one year subscription that pushes down the cost  up to $3/month.

Visit NordVPN Website

5. PureVPN

Pro – a secure VPN provider, advanced client, apps for all major platforms

Cons – They keep connection and IP log


Pure VPN is another reliable and affordable VPN service that focuses on your connection security. They don’t log your browsing activity but keep session logs and connection logs. Pure VPN serves VPN via several protocols like PPTP/L2TP, IPSec.

Servers – PureVPN has 500+ servers in about 141 counties and still counting.

Simultaneous logins – 5 devices

Speed – PureVPN speed results are impressive and its connection speed is generally over 90% of original ISP speed.

Security – Like all VPN services detailed above PureVPN also provides 256 bit hard encrypted network unbreakable by hackers and snoopers. It offers different complex authentication protocols – PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, and SSL. DNS leak protection and kill-switch is in-built

Privacy – Like many , this VPN also doesn’t log your browsing activities. They use 256AES encryption that makes themselves unable to access your browsing data

Apps – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Refund policy – They offer 7 days refund policy under certain circumstances.  You must not use bandwidth over 3GB and 100 sessions to avail their refund policy.

Support – Support is powered by Live Chat and Email.

Pricing – Pricing differs only in terms of payment duration. You can get 65% discount if you pay for an year ($4.16)

So, it is our list of best available VPN services in terms of quality, security, privacy and price. we will keep reviewing VPN services and add more if we find them worth listing. Feel free to share your opinions on given VPN services or share your favorite VPN service in comments.

6. CyberGhost VPN

Pro – secure VPN, free plan available, simultaneous usage on 5 devices, block tracking by many websites, website compression system to reduce data usage at mobile devices

Cons – Free account has lots of restrictions, PPTP and L2TP are not the option in VPN client, some torrent sites are blocked, costlier if you want to use it on multiple devices simultaneously


CyberGhost is another secure and reliable VPN provider that offers a feature rich client with 256bit AES encryption via OpenVPN, the most secure way to connect to a virtual private network. Its PC VPN client is remarkably different from that of others, leveraging some additional security features such as website tracking blocking, malware website blocking option, ad-blocker, data compression etc. Its VPN client have an option to get enabled is “access to fastest server”. With this option you can get connected to their fastest servers around the world.

But the most interesting thing about this VPN is that it offers equally secure VPN in its free plan. However, free plan comes with lots of restrictions such as limited locations, limited servers and long waiting time until a free VPN slot is available. But in spite of all that, free plan is very useful for those who occasionally use VPN and for just personal use.

Servers – Currently they have 640 servers in 29 countries

Simultaneous logins – 5 devices

Speed – Like all above given services CyberGhost VPN speed is unfailing and its connection speed is generally over 90% of original ISP speed.

Security – They provide 256AES encryption with OpenVPN protocol. Currently, there is only OpenVPN protocol is available with their client. However, LTPS and PPTP protocols can be availed by manual configurations.

Privacy – Romanian based company provides 100% logging free VPN and there is nothing to be traced. You will be 100% anonymous with CyberGhost VPN.

Visit CyberGhost Website

Apps – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Refund policy – They offer 30 days no-question asked and they have not stated any condition for refund other than 30 days limit.

Support – Support is powered by Live Chat and Email. Let it be known that Live Chat remains unavailable during weekend.

Pricing – Unlike most of the other VPN services, CyberGhost offers different benefits in different plans. Its free plan comes with limited servers, limited speed, no ticketed support, long waiting time before get connected to a server.  $5.83/month plan comes with all premium features and with only one simultaneous connection. $9.16/month plan comes with all premium features and with usage on up to 5 simultaneous devices.

So, it is our list of best available VPN services in terms of quality, security, privacy and price. we will keep reviewing VPN services and add more if we find them worth listing. Feel free to share your opinions on given VPN services or share your favorite VPN service in comments.

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