When we do a Google search for a product, we may have noticed that Google returns some results that stand out with star ratings and some other inline information (votes, price etc) attached as snippets. These results having an air of distinction naturally catch our eye and we cannot help preferring these snippet results over normal search results. Thus thrown into relief, these marked results get higher CTR and more traffic in comparison with normal search results.

show star rating in Google search

Benefits of adding rich snippets in your review pages

  • Search engines possibly give better ranking to your content
  • Your pages are likely to get more clicks in search result and so more traffic

You review some product and give it a rating. But sadly this rating doesn't show up on Google search page. You wish if only this rating and one or two crucial lines could appear on Google search page. Add schema structure markup to your review page and your wish is fulfilled. Schema markup is a kind of code that helps search engine to classify and display content more accurately from your website pages. For instance, if you have written a review for something and you have added proper schema markup in the review page, search engine can display rating given by you, rating given by the users, votes, price etc in the search result.

Adding schema markup code for a developer might be easier but surely not for  just another internet user. You may have trouble adding it manually and search engine might discard it. Luckily, WordPress is blessed with thousands of amazing plugins that beef it up and there really are review rating plugins that help us add schema markup without applying custom code.

How to show star rating in Google search

Here in this post, I have listed some of the best plugins that helps display review rating in search engines such as in Google.

WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is the plugin that really works to show rating in Google search.

I've been using this plugin on my sites (including webcusp.com) and structured data added by it is successfully indexed by Google. However, here one thing to pay particular attention to is that the plugin may not be compatible with your theme and structured data may not be displayed in search result. Before using Divi theme, I had GoodNews theme activated on webcusp.com. Wp Rich Snippets didn’t work with that theme (perhaps GoodNews code is not compatible with the plugin or there may be some conflict between theme’s own markup system and plugin’s markup system). But with Divi theme, WP Rich Snippets worked nicely. Google indexed rating snippets within a few days.

You can check with following keywords to discover webcusp posts displaying star rating in Google search

“Microthemer review”

“PremiumPress review”

Worried whether the plugin will work with your theme or not? No issue. The plugin developer offers 30 days money back guarantee. If you find snippets indexed in search engines, you can keep it, otherwise you can ask for a full refund within 30 days; a long enough period to test the things.
Download Wp Rich Snippets

How WP Rich Snippets works

Below the post editor, WP Rich Snippets adds an option box names “Schema” regarding schema markup. You can select schema type from several available options in dropdown; Article, Review, Software/Application, Organization, Restaurant. There are several fields to fill in for different schema types including star rating, author, votes, price, pros/cons, address etc.

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

It is another free plugin that lets you add all types of schema markups in your WordPress post (Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Software Application,Video, Articles). This plugin adds an easy-to-use option box below the post. On the downside, as is the case with WP Rich Snippets plugin, it also may fail to be compatible with some themes.

Download the plugin

YASR Star Rating

It is another effective plugin that claims to show rating in search engine snippet. It is a free plugin that lets author rate and visitors vote. You can also set up multiple rating criteria. This plugin has one Pro version too, that boasts of some additional features such as customizable stars size, visitors rating with comments. This plugin is worth a try.

Download the plugin

KK Star Rating

KK Star Rating is a rating plugin with the help of which you can add author rating and allow visitors to rate any WordPress post. This plugin is also said to be quite effective in displaying star rating in search results. You can show rating widget for homepage, posts, pages or even manually anywhere you want.

Download the plugin


All the four plugins, just reviewed, support Google rich snippet and helps you boost and enhance your search traffic by displaying precise and important data from your post. Of all 4 plugins, WP Rich Snippet is my personally tested plugin and it works great for all my websites.

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