Many times we need to add a watermark to our site images to protect them from unauthorised usage. Adding a watermark is a good practice if you are creating images for your website like tutorial images or you have some exclusive pics you have taken.

We have reviewed and collected some worthy tools to add watermark to images quickly.



They should have been given a good name to this software but it names Watermark Software. It is one of the most comprehensive batch watermarking tool that you can watermark hundreds of images within a few seconds. This software provides advanced options such as watermark image drag repositioning, transparency, blending and much more.

Salient Features of Watermark-Software

  • Premade text watermark templates. Apply text effects with a click
  • Stamp images
  • Drag and reposition watermark with mouse
  • Apply effects on watermark text/image (transparency, blending etc)
  • Resize images to be watermarked
  • Customize export image resolution and JPEG quality

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uMark is another efficient watermarking software available for both Windows and Mac. With the help of uMark, you can add watermark to several images at once.

Salient Features of uMark

  • Add text and image watermark
  • Apply transparency to watermark
  • Customize export format and size

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Visual Watermark


Just like above given tools, Visual Watermark is a powerful and advanced solution to print watermark on all of your images with a click. With Visual Watermark, you can add text or image watermark. You can drag, resize and reposition watermark text or image easily. (but one thing that is missing is maintain aspect ratio while resizing).

Salient Features of Visual Watermark

  • Add text or image watermark
  • Apply effects like transparency, emboss on watermark
  • Drag, resize and reposition
  • Customize output format, resize output images

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TSR Watermark


TSR Watermark is a powerful batch watermarking tool available only for Windows operating system. With the help of TSR Watermark software you can add watermark to several images with a single action. This tool lets you decide whether a text or image watermark should be added. It has several options to enhance watermark image such as transparency, resizing and emboss effect.

You can resize output images and also apply several settings available.
(drag and repositioning of watermark image is not possible)

Salient Features of TSR Watermark

  • Add text or image watermark
  • Apply transparency and effects like emboss
  • Customize output format (resize and image quality

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Snagit is specifically a screen-capture and editor software but also comes with batch image watermarking software. Its batch watermarking tool lets us apply any custom image.

To apply watermark to multiple images, go to files > Convert images > Add Images > Modify > Watermark

Snagit allows to add only image watermark. But who cares for text or image. If you want to add text watermark, create text image and add it as image watermark.

Visit Snagit Download page

Jaco Watermark


A free watermarking software that currently supports text only watermarking. Jaco Watermark is an Open Source project and can be downloaded from Sourceforge website.

Download Jaco Watermark 

Star Watermark


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Arclab Watermark


Tip – PhotoShop can also be used to apply watermark with minimum effort.

  • First open any image in PhotoShop
  • Now go to Windows > Actions > Add New action. PhotoShop starts recording your activity under created action
  • Now use File > Place option to insert watermark image. Reposition and customize watermark image appearance
  • Flatten the layers
  • Now go to file > automate > batch
  • Choose the folder where all the images are located that you want to apply watermark to. And execute the action. PhotoShop will add the watermark to all images in the supplied folder.