Formidable Pro

Lastly, we accept a form builder that is better than Gravity Forms in many ways. Being a perfect alternative to Gravity Forms, this plugin comes with a bunch of totally innovative functionality that is likely unavailable in any other WordPress plugin.

Create unlimited Type of Frontend Displays

If you have a form and you collect data via this form, you can display collected data in unlimited manners with all or selected fields’ value. You can give custom lab and can produce data tables.

Manage,Edit,Search Submitted Data in Plugin Panel

Formidable Pro comes with best form entries' management system, and you can manage submitted data easily with the plugin option panel. You can view gathered entries, edit entries, search entries based on any field value ( Advanced search filter ), Print any entry, Filter entries for any form. Thus, Formidable Pro comes with the advanced backend data-management system with which you can manage data of your company, school, account, etc.

Real Drag and Drop Form Builder

If you have a form, and you gather up data via this form, you can display collected data in unlimited manners with all or selected fields' value. You can give custom lab and can create data tables.

Create Multi Column forms / Hybrid Columns Forms without CSS coding

Now no need to edit form CSS to create advanced two columns / three column or any type of column forms. Just use CSS layout option panel to add readymade CSS classes to your form fields. This makes creations of complex form layouts startlingly easy.

Create Custom Color Schemes using Visual Form Styler

Now no need to edit form CSS to add custom colors and images to your form. All you need to use visual form styler of Formidable Pro, and you can style your form in what way you want.



Create Advanced Classified and Directory Websites such as Real Estate

With this plugin it is possible to create a leading-edge classified website utilizing advanced search filter and fully frontend management of listings. So you can save your hard-earned money creating cheapest classified website using this plugin. You can also create a Sell/Rent Real estate listing website.


Create and Edit Posts from Frontend

If you want to get into depth, Formidable Pro has innumerable opportunities to create high-end data management, including editing data from front pages without accessing backend.

You can create School Management, Office Management and much more with this plugin. Even you can create custom posts and allow users to edit their posts on frontend.



Add-ons to Extend Plugin Functionality

Formidable Forms Addons

Formidable Pro developer team launches new add-ons perpetually to add new features in it. These are extensions for several services such as

  • PayPal,
  • Registration,
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber,
  • HighRise,
  • Signature,
  • Twilio,
  • Locations,
  • Language
    and many more will be added in the future such as WooCommerce integration etc


Create Multi page forms and add progress bar



All you require to do is append a field named Page break at where you want to start the second page for your form. Even you can add progress bar to your multi-step form employing this awesome free progress bar plugin. Read here how to add progress bar easily to Formidable pro multi-page forms.


Lifetime Updates and 1 Year free Support

Formidable Pro is currently coming with a lifetime free update license. It means if you buy plugin with this license, you will need not to pay for updates in future irrespective of changes in the license in the future. Updates are automatic via the dashboard Formidable Pro support is beyond compare, and support staff assists customers in the most responsible way. They take customer concerns very sincerely and put their best effort to sort out issues.

30 Days No Question Asked Money back Guarantee

If you are even in doubt about plugin functionality, you can try it for 30 days, and if you are not gratified, the company will refund full payment without asking any question.

Other Awesome Features

  • Conditionally Show or Hide fields ( Very useful if you need to create a survey or multi directional forms)
  • Easily add forms to WordPress posts/pages using an integrated insert button
  • Add form to widgetized area with the custom widget
  • Add form to anywhere in your theme code using unique PHP code
  • Dynamically populate data in fields using dynamic default values such as user id, author, email, etc.
  • Send form data to multiple email addresses
  • Dynamically populate email title and body
  • Setup autoresponder when someone submits a form
  • Create multi-page  / multi-step forms –
  • Customize submit-button image
  • Add Ajax loading image when someone submits form
  • Customize HTML of form
  • Add custom CSS to create your own unique style
  • Dynamically populate email title and body
  • Add Progress bar to multi-page forms
  • Use section headings and optionally make these sections collapsible
  • Import export forms as templates
  • Import export form data in CSV
  • Generate graphical reports of form data
  • Send form data to multiple email addresses
  • Dynamically populate Email title and body
  • Submit form data in the database
  • Create a duplicate form from an existing form
  • Add form to external website using the form direct-link
  • Create a fronted advanced search filter for collected data, which display data based on different parameters
  • Add, edit, delete, update entries from backend or setup it on frontend using support and helpdesk
  • Conditionally show or hide content on custom display
  • Allow only logged in users to see and submit forms
  • Control access to form based on user roles
  • If you use the filter “Current user”, users will be able to see their own submitted entries
  • Optionally Fully Ajax based form builder and optionally make form submission Ajax based
  • Allow only logged in users to see and submit forms


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