Setting up a Directory Website with WordPress is not only easy but the best and affordable way. There are some great WordPress developers those have built fantastic WordPress themes containing a full featured classified software.

However it is too costly if you hire a developer to work on a classified project. But with WordPress, you can get it all done by shelling out only some bucks. Yes, it is true because no Classified WordPress theme is costlier than $100. If you hire a developer you need to spend thousands of dollars to get a complete working classified website.

Thus, in short, what you save using WordPress classified themes is;

~ $1000 –  ~$100 =  ~$900

Other very important benefit of using WordPress is that you can manage it yourself and make necessary changes anytime, no need to ask a developer for making changes.

Here we are introducing some stunning Classified themes that can be assumed best in the market

ClassiPress Review

ClassiPress is a complete toolkit for creating a full featured and money yielding Classified ad website. Being powered by an active developer team, ClassiPress has been the most popular Classified theme for WordPress for many years.


Salient features of ClassiPress

Customizable homepage layout

ClassiPress gives you opportunity to choose from two different premade homepage layouts. Moreover you can change colors of your website and switch between five different available color schemes.

Choice to set price in three different ways

You can set an ad price fixed, on parentage bases or category bases. Additionally you can charge extra money for getting listed in featured ad section.

Ad package module

This theme includes an ad module also with which admin can create custom ad packages. With an ad package, you can set ad price, ad running duration and ad status.

Membership Package creator

With the help of this module you can create your own custom membership packages. The benefit of buying a membership instead of an individual ad is that user can post ads at low cost or at free cost within the membership period and it is all controlled by website admin.

Frontend user account management

Users can manage their listings and profiles from frontend and there is no need to go to WordPress backend.

Advanced search builder

ClassiPress comes with this innovative option with which you can create your own advanced search and includes any listing field in your search form. You can customize your search form anytime

Custom Fields

Custom field creator of ClassiPress seems to be the most advanced than that of the other themes. With which you can add field name, description and tooltip text. Even you can select field type from text, dropdown, text-area, description and checkbox.

Addon market

This is one of the most important thing that makes ClassiPress stand out of the crowd. There are many other 3rd party developers that has been creating addons for ClassiPress for years and with the help of these addons you can extend the functionality of your Classified website. There addons are about design, payment gateways and functionality.

CSV importer

If you have many ads in a Microsoft Excel file, you can import these listings using theme CSV importer. Keep in mind that data in your CSV file must be in the same structure as in your listing form.

Google Facebook and Twitter login

Your visitors can easily create an account on your website using their social logins like Google,Twitter and Facebook.

Other features

  • PayPal payment gateway support
  • 1 year support and updates
  • Child theme support
  • Custom email alerts
  • Responsive design
  • Geo radius search
  • Site stats on dashboard

Pricing model

Standard Package

Developer Package

Theme Club


Later $29/year


Later $29/year

$250 ( All Themes and 15+ addons)

Later $79/year

Use on Unlimited sites

Use on Unlimited sites

Use on Unlimited sites

Bundled Updates for 1 Year

Bundled Updates for 1 Year

Bundled Updates for 1 Year

Bundled support for 1 year

Bundled support for 1 year

Bundled support for 1 year

Photoshop PSD files

Photoshop PSD files

Other Classified ad themes you may checkout are

Go Checkout ClassiPress Theme

Sitemile Classified Review

Undoubtedly Sitemile themes are the powerful app themes with the help of which you can setup different kind of websites like directory, Classified, Marketplace, Microjobs, Freelancer etc. Their Classified theme is a simple yet powerful software that provides full opportunity to run a stunning Classified websites easily. This theme comes with a powerful backend control panel with which we can control and customize everything regarding our websites. Either design or functionality, everything is on your fingertips with this theme.


Salient Features of Sitemile Classified

Robust option panel

With the theme option panel you can customize website look and feel, payment gateways integration, form fields, website general settings and more. Its control panel is one of the most powerful theme control panel offering every little thing to handle.

Membership feature

Sitemile gives you full opportunity to earn money with your classified website. All you need to do is setting up paid membership packages and that’s it. You can set different number of ads for different membership packages.

Custom Pricing for different ad categories

Obviously setting different prices for different categories is a good idea and may be an essential feature for your classified website. You can set different prices for categories like Featured Ads etc.

Frontend Account management for users

Users can manage their account from frontend bypassing default WordPress backend

Users need not to go to WordPress backend to manage their profiles, ads and membership. Hiding backend from users is a good idea and it makes them think more good about your website.

Create custom listing fields

With the help of its custom field creator you can add your own custom fields in listing form. These fields can also be accesses while listing on backend.

Advanced search

Other than standard listing search, advanced search option is also featured by this theme and if a visitors wants to filter listings based on minimum and maximum price and categories, he can use advance search. Even admin can add custom field parameters to advanced search.

Lifetime support and updates (special attraction)

There are only few WordPress products whose buyers can avail lifetime support and updates. Besides it, if a company offers lifetime updates for one of its product then it mostly charges for support on yearly basis. But all Sitemile products come with a lifetime support license, too.

Other features

  • Integrated payment gateways such as PayPal, AlertPay,, Moneybookers etc
  • Facebook social login
  • Twitter login
  • Multi currency support
  • Ad expiration option
  • Lifetime support and updates


Single Site



Extra Developer

Theme Club

$69.88 one time fee

$99.99 one time fee

$149.99 one time fee

$199.99 one time fee

later $39/year

One installation supported

One installation supported

Unlimited Installations supported

Unlimited Installations supported

Unlimited Installations supported

Footer credit can’t be removed

Footer credit can be removed

Footer credit can be removed

Footer credit can be removed

Footer credit can be removed

Extra features

Extra features

All themes can be downloaded

Lifetime support and updates

Lifetime support and updates

Lifetime support and updates

Lifetime support and updates

$39 renewal charge for support and updates

Go Checkout Sitemile Classified Theme

Classifier Review

Classifier is one of the best Classified software bundle that brings a classified website for you out of the box. It is an advanced theme equipped with a lot of awesome features like interactive listing search tool that seems to be more advanced than that of most of the other themes as it has three searching criteria. Classifier theme comes with a sleek and smarter look and every of its design element is designed simply but beautifully making it highly user friendly.

This theme has all required feature to run a powerful classified engine whether paid or free as it also offers membership creation module with which you can create your own custom membership packages.


Salient features of Classifier

Clean and professional Design

This theme is designed to deliver the best experience to visitors. Its design is clean, sleek and minimal that helps visitors in finding what they looks for on a classified website.

Membership feature

It is all up to you whether you want to offer free classified listing or want to get paid by creating premium membership packages. This theme comes with a complete suite to create custom membership with custom options. Thus you can earn decent amount of money with paid membership option.

Frontend ad management for users

Your websites users can create and manage ads from frontend. They have their own frontend dashboard with which they can update their ad details and update their profile data.

Frontend registration

Visitors can register from frontend and list their ads immediately (if you allow them)

Custom form fields

It is a very important feature if you want to customize listing form and want to add your own custom fields. Classifier gives you full freedom of creating your own fields in listing form.

Google Map in listing

Showing address on Google Map helps visitors to find ad owner. All of your users need to do is writing down their address in the text field and it is populated automatically on the Google map.

Other features

  • Integrated payment gateways like PayPal and
  • Impressive listing page design with product image, description, other details, Map and ad owner contact form
  • Lifetime theme updates
  • Affordable price


Standard License

Theme Club

$79 one time fee

$149 first time fee and then $79/year

Lifetime support and updates

Free support / updates for year and then $79/year

Use on unlimited domains

Use on unlimited domains

All app themes are included

Go Checkout Classifier Theme

Classified Engine

It is an emerging brand new classified theme having many cool features;

  • Stylish layout
  • Membership packages
  • Frontend account management
  • Theme option panel
  • Sleek and clean listing page with all essential details
  • Extension support etc


$89 with bundled support and updates for one year – usage on unlimited websites

Go Checkout Classified Engine Theme

WPMU Dev Classifieds plugin

Unlike above given products it is a plugin that can be used with any WordPress theme and it may be for them who don’t want to ditch their current theme.  Classifieds converts your existing WordPress into a powerful classified website. This plugin generates 3 pages automatically on your website;

  • Classifieds
  • My Classifieds
  • Classifieds Checkout

Moreover, it supports shortcode and you can insert plugin shortcodes to any page.

Salient Features of the plugin

  • Frontend + Backend mixed access to users to manage their account
  • Listing via backend
  • PayPal and payment gateway integration
  • Money deposit system as credits
  • Membership options with recurring or none-recurring payments


$20 with bundled one year support and updates

Cho Checkout Classifieds Plugin

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