With Beaver Builder Agency pack you can start your own hosted site builder company. Beaver Builder offers everything to build at frontend. Even you can get your own branding removing all traces of plugin name and logo.

Creating a website with online subscription based website builders is a thing of bygone time. Now WordPress offers unlimited opportunities to build an advanced website with full freedom of layout editing. Here I am talking about WordPress builder plugins and Beaver Builder is one that surprised me by its stunning features for building a website on frontend. With the help of this plugin, you can build and edit website live on frontend. You can drag any modules any where on page and it will be visible as it is in fact.

Beaver Builder is completely able to blow all other website builders away when ease of use and frontend editing is concerned. A non-programmer and a non-web designer guy can easily build websites with the help of this plugin and I have a flat reason for this and that is – no need to access WordPress backend and no need to generate a preview as website is edited in live state.

Checkout Plugin Demo on Official Website

Here are sneak peaks of my deep testing of the plugin

Ease of use with Live Frontend Editing

Beaver Builder lets anyone create a website regardless he is a web designer or an ordinary person. Advanced websites can be designed without writing CSS and HTML. As this plugin works on frontend, a non-techy guy will not be messed up with WordPress dashboard.

You can create a layout of any kind with any combination of rows and columns and reposition rows and elements anywhere in layout by dragging them with mouse. Unnecessity of generating preview saves a lot of time and bandwidth (because of live frontend editing)

Create custom layout with Rows and Columns

All you need to do is dragging rows and columns onto the builder canvas and to achieve desired layout structure. You even can’t image how easy it is to give any kind of structure to your website according to your or your clients requirements. You can drag and reposition rows in your layout.

Readymade CSS options for Row, Column and Modules

Forget to add custom CSS by writing code. Now you can apply custom CSS with integrated CSS options in option panel of every row, column and even modules. You can apply custom colors, background colors, margin, padding, CSS animation, opacity, device dependent visibility and width (you can choose whether to display on all size devices or to hide on some specific resolution devices).

Specify your own custom CSS class

If you are a CSS expert, you can add your own custom CSS classes to various rows, columns or modules and write your own custom CSS for those elements. Every element has its own input area to add custom class.

True responsive layout (fluid width)

We all know the importance of responsiveness in terms of readability on mobile devices. I tested Beaver built websites on all screen size and found that it is 100% responsive without showing any display problem.

All basic and advanced modules to build an Elegant looking website

Heading – Specialized module to add heading with custom options

Photo – Add image with custom options. And this module fits the image to the size of column automatically

Text Editor – WordPress text editor (add text, images or HTML)

Video Module

Advanced Modules

Accordion – Add customizable sliding accordions

Button builder – Build stylish and attractive CSS buttons within seconds

Call to action – Create Call to Action Box within minutes using easy but advanced customization options

Callout – Create Callouts easily

Contact form – Add readymade contact form anywhere in your layout

Content Slider – Add content slider

Photo Gallery – Generate and add a beautiful looking photo gallery to your pages

HTML – You can add raw HTML with the help of this module

Icon – Add beautiful icons with your heading text

Google Map – Easily add Google Map with your address

Posts – Show posts in a grid, scroller or in a feed. Show posts automatically from selected category or show specific posts. Even you can show posts from certain author

Pricing tables– No need to buy a third party plugin to add pricing table. Beaver builder has built-in module to add pricing tables

Slideshow – Another kind of slider

Tabs – Add tabbed content with the help of this module

Testimonial – Add attractive testimonial slider with easy customization options

WooCommerce – Comes with a complete bundle to enhance your WooCommerce powered website

Social Buttons – Add social sharing buttons

Sidebar – Drag and add any widgetized area

All WordPress core widgets and other plugins added widgets – Not only plugin custom widgets but also WordPress core widgets and widgets that are added by any other plugins are required sometime. Beaver builder allows you to add these widgets anywhere in your page layout

Templating System and premade templates

You can save created layouts as template and then use saved templates on other pages. Moreover you can also use premade cool looking templates bundled with the plugin. Templates can be exported and used to any other Beaver builder powered website.


Works with custom post type

With what post type you want to get it working, is all in your own hand. simply select post types in plugin settings in WordPress dashboard.

Shortcode support

There are many plugins that offers shortcodes to add in page. Beaver builder supports and parse shortcodes.

Developer friendly

Developers can extend functionality of the plugin and add their own modules using plugin API.

Translation ready

If you are a non-English user, you can use WPML plugin to translate the plugin. WPML is fully supported by Beaver builder.

No content lockdown

It is really a special attraction of the plugin that it doesn’t lock your content down if you leave the plugin. Generally all builder plugin take your content away or make your content ugly and unreadable if you leave using them. But it is not the case if you leave Beaver builder. All your content will be safe and editable via WordPress default editor even when you deactivate or uninstall the plugin.

Great choice to start an affordable web design business

With its Agency Membership, you can install it on unlimited clients websites and this will be a great and money-saving deal. You can charge at least $400 for a website design. So, guess, how many thousands of dollars you can earn by shelling out only a few hundred dollars, with Beaver builder.

Checkout Plugin Demo on Official Website

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