Have you ever imagined that you can utilize your Android phone as a remote camera? How? Let me tell you. Say, one of your phones is in your bedroom with you and another phone is in the drawing room. So, now with WiFi camera sharing, you can see what is going on in the drawing room because the phone’s camera which is in your drawing room can be displayed on the screen of the phone which is with you i.e. in the bedroom.

Does it sound impressive? Sure, it does.  Sitting in your bedroom, you are curious to know what is happening in another room. No problem Just swirl your Android phone in your palm and you can see what your children or your employees are doing.

First, you need to have two Android devices to this end . Keep mobile A in your hand and mobile B in another room or wherever you want to look around.

Android app market is buzzing with apps with fantastic and wonderful features. Everyday new apps are launched and some of them no doubt are able to make you say, ‘hey, that's what I need', such as calling on WiFi network (local).  But what IP Webcam Zapya and  has come up with, you really do not get to see everyday. Zapya has brought a new feature: WiFi camera sharing. This feature enables camera pairing, harnessing WiFi direct and no internet connection is required. You can take photos of what mobile B is showing on mobile A.

It is damn easy to use this feature of Zapya app and we tell you step by step how to utilize one of your device as a remote camera.

Step 1 – First of all, install Zapya on both phones.

Step 2 – Switch off the cellular data on both devices.

Step 3 – Connect the phones using Zapya.

Step 4 – Once  the devices are connected, at top left of the display you will see mobile B icon on mobile A and mobile A icon on mobile B.

Step 5 – Tap on the mobile B icon on mobile A

Step 6 – You will see 3 or 4 options in drop-down menu. Tap on the camera icon


Step 7 – On mobile B, a popup will appear asking you to allow camera pairing. Allow that action.

All done. Mobile B is set up as a remote camera. Now take it to anywhere (within WiFi range) and see its camera on mobile A and take pics too.

Note – Both must be within the range of local network. But if you take mobile B farther, streaming quality may be low and connection may be lost.

Even when the mobile screen of mobile B is off, remote camera will work. But don’t press the power button of mobile B.