Taking a big leap and attacking the largest buyer segment, Acer launched its best value and unique kind of phone with triple SIM and powerful 3200 mAh battery. Acer claims that Liquid E700 can play videos up to 12 hours continuously and music for 100 hours too. In the price range of Rs 12000 – 14000 it seems to be the best value phone, challenging Huawei Honor 3C that has been the best value phone in this price segment. Undoubtedly, Liquid E700 is a great alternative to Honor 3C because it offers better battery, more internal memory and of course having triple SIM facility is a big advantage over all other Android phones.

Here is our brief but comprehensive review regarding this stunning new player in the world of mid range Smartphones.

Price – $188, 12000 INR


  • Surprisingly affordable concerning specifications
  • Unique triple SIM support
  • Attractive Design
  • Additional screen wakeup button on rear
  • Additional flash for front camera
  • 3500 mAh battery offers more than enough battery life
  • 2GB RAM and 1.3GH processor to deliver great performance
  • Mali GPU to play HD games


  • It is a thicker phone
  • No Gorilla Glass protection

Design and Form factors

At first sight phone looks gorgeous and its design is really impressive excluding its thickness. While most of the manufacturers are trying to reduce the thickness of their phones, Acer did not care about it and made this phone thicker than normal. However, its sides are curved that makes the hand grip better. Front panel of this phone looks elegant having awesome finishing. Screen panel upper and lower edges are slightly concave and home touch buttons are placed just below the actual screen. Volume keys are smooth and hosted on right side while the upper edge sports the power button that makes its usage a bit inconvenient.

It features two grill on front those remind us HTC phones but opposite to HTC only bottom grill has the speaker. Overall its front panel has an innovative and unique design that is better than that of many Android phones.

Back panel hosts camera and flash at upper middle and an innovative button below the camera that can be used to make off and wakeup the screen.






Acer Liquid E700 is running on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat that is powering most of the latest Android Smartphones and it is most likely to have Android 5 in near future. However, it runs on a custom UI but it is not much different from stock Android. If we exclude heavy games like Asfalt 8 played at high resolution, it smoothly runs most of the HD games. However, there is low frame rate as far as full HD games are concerned.

Overall UI experience is smooth and there will be no leg until you run too many apps in background. In that condition you may feel a little leg in UI.


A phone with 2GB RAM and MediaTek 1.3 GHz quad-core  processor is seamlessly able to run phone smoothly when you are running moderate number of apps. Phone runs smoothly until you start running lots of apps in background. Liquid E700 is not an exception in this case and it is really good in CPU and RAM performance.

As it is powered by Mali-400MP2, it can run heavy graphics games smoothly. But there may be some lag, if you run heavy games in FHD resolution due to low frame-rate.

This phone scores above 17000 in popular benchmarking tool Antutu.


This phone has 16GB internal memory that is pretty enough in this price range and it supports up to 32GB memory SD card.


It features 5 inches big LCD screen enhanced with IPS panels. Having 294 ppi pixel density, this HD screen produce enough brightness even in sunlight. It supports up to 5 touches simultaneously (multi-touch). Sadly the phone doesn’t have Gorilla Glass scratch resistance protection and you need to rely on scratch guards. (However, most of the people use screen guards even when there phones feature Gorilla Glass. Thus we can say that it is not a drawback.)

Camera and video recording

It sports a 8MP camera on its rear and a 2MP camera on its front. The contrasting feature of its camera aspect is that along with main camera, its front camera is also powered by LED flash that helps in video chatting in low light and in taking selfies as well.

Obviously you can record full HD video with its primary camera and quality of recorded videos is nice. However, in low light, recorded videos are not so clear and flash is required in that condition.


Acer Liquid E700 comes with a 3500 mAh battery, totally unusual in this price range. This is not a 3500 mAh battery just for saying but it really works when battery life is concerned. Acer claims that you can play videos continuously up to 12 hours, 100 hours music and you can talk up to 24 hours.

Price – $188, 12000 INR


With the launch of this Smartphone Acer has indicated very clearly that it is ready to attack aggressively on budget Smartphone market and without any controversy E700 seems to be the best value phone in this price segment. We highly recommend this phone.