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You may be wondering what is so special about temperature sensor because all phones these days have some kind of temperature sensor that monitors temperature of battery and CPU. As a matter of fact, you are right. But here we are not talking about the sensor that keeps an aye on the temperature of CPU and battery. By a temperature sensor we mean a sensor that can tell you the air temperature or ambient temperature, to be exact. When we explored in detail to get the idea how many Smartphones come with a temperature and we were surprised to know that still a temperature sensor is not a common feature in Smartphones. Among the myriad of smartphones, only 4 or 5 are equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor. Samsung, a de facto pioneer in the field of technology launched its first temperature sensor phone Galaxy S4 in 2013. This sensor could be accessed through S-Health. The then flagship phone of Samsung Note 3 followed suit. But it's quite inexplicable that after that no Samsung phone was launched with a temperature sensor.

Why a Smartphone with a sensor for measuring ambient air temperature is still a rarity: Let's take a deeper look

Almost every device has an internal temperature sensor which monitors the CPU and battery temperature of device. Now if there is another temperature sensor to measure the air temperature, it should be implanted far enough from the  battery and CPU and also should be on the outer side of the device. Even such measures are kept, we cannot rule out the possibility that its reading would be affected by the overall temperature of the mobile. It would be hard to get an accurate ambient temperature. And It should be the reason that not every Smartphone has such a sensor and even Samsung stopped equipping its devices with a temperature monitor.

S-Health app of Galaxy S4 and Note 3 has clear directions about the use of temperature sensor that before you take air temperature with the device, you should let the device sufficiently cool off, put the device down on a stationary surface and not hold the device in your hand. These directions are there so that device is not heated up and the temperature sensor gives you an accurate idea of ambient temperature.

After Samsung, Motorola fit temperature sensor in its two mobile phones. These mobiles were Moto X and Moto X Second Generation. But we are not sure how accurate their sensors are.

If users are to be believed the temperature and humidity sensors of galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 do not give as accurate reading with S-Health as they give when they utilize Weather Station app of A Minor. With this app, you can set your own personal weather station which does not depend upon Satellite Weather Station. It uses the temperature and humidity sensor of your device i.e. Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S6

Currently Total Smartphones with an air temperature sensor

Samsung Galaxy S4 (also has a humidity meter)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (also has a humidity meter)

Motorola Moto X

Motorola Moto X Second Generation

A-Minor  Weather Station is compatible with;

Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3