In this day and age we can say that YouTube has emerged as a real money-spinner platform. Presently millions of people are making millions of dollars on YouTube. If you are creative enough and know a thing or two about YouTube business, you for sure can make a bundle. No boss, no subservience, even no need for a separate office, just you, your home and YouTube. Moreover, I have observed that in comparison with Blogging, YouTube is more stable and convenient way to earn money.

You are a singer and are really tired of and fed up with rejections from music studios, You yourself know that that really does not mean that you are not a good singer and believe me in no way you should be disappointed. Just upload your song to YouTube and measure how many views your voice manages to rope in. If you have a real music talent and your voice is movingly appealing, your song would definitely be popular and soon enough your YouTube channel would be bringing you thousands of dollars no matter what. Justin Bieber was a YouTube singer before his YouTube channel was spotted by an American talent manager.

And as I said earlier ‘if you are creative enough’ and it applies to all kinds of talents which need to be appreciated. In the same vein, if you have harbored a lifelong wish to appear on the screen as a big news TV journalist but now that you have earned a degree and everything that qualifies you to be a journalist, denials from news channels are making you have second thoughts about your decision. Say no to these second thoughts. Make a team of three or four people, start covering news, make your own YouTube news channel, upload news to your channel and see the effect. If you are really a good reporter, your dream will come true in no time and your YouTube channel will become the most stable source of income for you.

If nothing else, take your camera and create some good prank videos. Prank videos are in very much vogue and it is quite possible that one of your videos becomes viral and garners millions of views overnight, who knows.

Getting started with YouTube

To upload videos to YouTube, you need to have a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, no problem. Just create one. It takes only few minutes and it is for free.

After creating Google account, log in to YouTube. YouTube will ask you to create a channel. Create your own YouTube channel with whatever name you like (though it should be available i.e. should not be taken already). No more rigmarole. Your YouTube channel is all ready for videos to be uploaded to.

Now we have a look into all those subjects which are really able to make you rich literally. If you make videos on any of these subjects you can earn millions of dollars per month.

1.By Creating Pranks

Guys prank videos are kind of practical jokes which you play on a stranger or on some person who is completely unaware of the joke being played on him. Mostly prank videos involve unusual activities. Sometimes the person who is the subject of your practical joke can get really angry, so when it is over, you need to tell them that it was just a prank.

When you are shooting a prank, be careful and do not cross a certain limit. After a certain limit, a prank can really be disastrous. So never try to do something that can harm or hurt a person seriously. Moreover, it is important that you keep in mind the social environment of the city in which you create your pranks.

2.Creating short comedy videos

I think if you have a good sense of humor, one of the easiest thing you can do on YouTube is creating short length comedy videos. To create such a video, you need one or two more persons. Choose a tickling, lively and unique joke, shoot it and upload it and that’s it. Yes, you can find many persons who have become YouTube celebrities just by making short duration comedy videos. Such videos are really liked.

If after finishing your video, you stud it with some special effects with the help of a professional video editor, it would be cherry on the cake. You can add effects to your video on your own also with software.

3.Are you a teacher?

YouTube is the biggest tutorial platform. If you are a teacher, you have immense possibilities. Just shoot your video like you are teaching in a classroom and upload it. For example if you are a Mathematics teacher, you can upload videos of you explaining and solving maths exercises. No matter what subject you can teach, whether it is Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, any language, Economics, Medical, Engineering or any other conceivable subject, you have full chances of being successful as a teacher on YouTube.

4.Covering news

If you are a journalist and I dare say even if you are not one, just take your camera, cover some interesting and appealing news or make a docudrama on a pressing issue and upload it. It is as simple as that. If your style of covering news is meaningful, you rightfully address the issue and have something that makes people believe, nothing can get in the way of your YouTube channel being superhit. You may select some specific news genre like news related to entertainment world, cinema, football, cricket etc.


What is screencasting? To record the activities going on a computer monitor and developing it in form of a video is called screencasting. A person who is an expert of some software or knows profoundly about how to use some software can channel his knowledge into making a tutorial about any of software’s applications and how to use them. For example if you are a graphic designer, you can make videos of learning tutorials, tips and tricks and upload to your YouTube channel.

You can use Camtasia software for screen recording. It is a highly efficient screen casting and editing tool.


Cooking videos are another big hit on YouTube. If you are a good cook, know a lot of recipes or knowledgeable about a particular cuisine then definitely you can turn your cooking art into money. You can make videos of how to prepare different recipes, upload them and earn a lot of money. Cooking recipes are one of the most searched items and most of YouTube cooking channels are making good money.

7.Herbal Medicines Videos

Health is one of the most hotly searched topics. Everybody makes a visit to a doctor and after returning from the doctor they want to know a little more about his or her problem. So if you have a keen knowledge of medical subjects you can make videos on health issues.
Besides it is a common belief that herbal or alternative medicines come without side effects, so many people prefer herbal medicines to allopathy or use herbal medicines along with allopathic medicines. If you know a thing or two about herbal medicines, explain the health benefits of herbal medicines in form of YouTube videos and earn money.

8.Gadget reviews

You can review different gadgets especially mobiles in videos. People search the specifications of a mobile on Internet before they settle for a particular mobile phone. That makes mobile review videos highly searched items. But here you need to spend your bucks because you should own the mobile you are going to review.

9.Magic tricks

I have observed that magic videos have views in millions. Magic tricks mean small tricks or sleight of hand which look like magic. For instance, passing a needle through a balloon without bursting the balloon.

There are lot more ways to earn money using YouTube. No matter what talent you have, you can earn more or less depending on the volume of the audience interested in that type of content.

YouTube can earn you more than what you expect from it. All you need to have some talent.

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