What exactly is an optin popup

It's not a very uncommon thing and you may very probably have noticed it on many websites, Webcusp among them, that a few seconds after a webpage is loaded, a popup appears (hence its name) mostly in the middle of the page, which prompts you to take some action like subscription form, liking a certain  Facebook page or a Google Plus page. So that's what is called an Optin popup. An Optin popup is actually aimed at grabbing a visitor's attention.

Growth of subscribers on using optin popup

What purpose does actually Optin popup serve

Visitors normally don't tend to subscribe a website. They just come, browse and go. A visitor will not subscribe a website unless he or she deems it of real importance. So if a website is in its initial stage and has its email subscription form or social follow widget in sidebar or footer or in some other place, its subscription form or social follow widget is highly unlikely to attract visitors' attention and as we just said visitor on his own will not look for it and just move on.

Using Optin popup, you can throw an email subscription form or a social follow widget into sharp relief. They all of a sudden pop up out of nothing and instantaneously grab a visitor's attention. This way you get them directly before visitors' eyes. Now it's no rocket science to guess that with the help of Optin popup, subscription rate can be increased many times over. Besides these popups may help you lock up your content which means a visitor cannot access a certain page until he fills out your website's subscription form (This feature is optional and we do not think it really is advisable. We think it is visitors prerogative whether to subscribe to your website or not. You may ask him to do so but cannot force him).

So let’s shed light on the best optin popup plugins

Bloom Email Optin

Popup trigger types – on load, after x time, inline, sidebar, content locker, on scroll

Popup type – Email, HTML

Bloom Email Optin Pros

  • Well coded
  • User-friendly
  • Extensive customization options
  • Use on unlimited sites
  • 50+ ready-made templates
  • Display popups on certain categories

Bloom Email Optin Cons

  • Drag and drop popup builder is not available

Bloom Optin comes with Elegant Themes club membership. Anybody connected with web design in any way is familiar with the importance and use of Elegant Themes membership to web designers and the powers it entails. In other words, if you are a member of this club, you may think that you are spending just pennies and in return getting a fortune. In terms of money, you may very well be earning thousands of dollars per month. For example, without giving a damn about the coding, you can build a layout of any kind with the help of Elegant Divi Builder. Similarly Extra theme enables you to create a custom layout for the news/magazine websites. Monarch plugin is another wonderful tool, which helps you add social sharing buttons. Now a little talk about Bloom Optin. Using Bloom Optin, you can add your email subscription popups right there on your WordPress pages, which after a specified interval keep appearing or pop up at the corner when the web page is scrolled down.

Bloom Email Optin is a part of the most valuable ever club membership, the Elegant Themes, in WordPress realm. Elegant Themes Membership has a phenomenal and undeniable

Bloom Optin - Comditional Display Settings Bloom Optin - Design Customization Bloom Optin - Different type of optins Bloom Optin - Services integrations

Features of Bloom Optin at a glance

  • Several readymade popup designs
  • Integrate to various email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ConstantContact etc.. You can also add custom content to popup via HTML code.
  • Show popup after certain delay
  • Show popup on inactivity
  • Trigger popup after someone comment
  • Trigger popup on page scroll
  • Trigger popup when someone complete a purchase on your website
  • Limit popup display on per session basis
  • Hide or show on mobile device
  • Auto close on subscribe
  • Conditionally show popup on different post types
  • Conditionally show popups for different categories
  • Display popup on specific pages
  • Check conversion rate, subscribers etc. via statistics section
  • Import/Export popups
  • Regular updates and rock-solid technical support
  • Free layout builder theme and plugin (Divi) and much more
  • Custom CSS

Download Bloom Email Optin Plugin


Popup trigger types – on load, after x time, inline, sidebar

Popup type – Email, HTML, non- WordPress pages

OptinMonster is another popup plugin and not just another popup but the second best popup plugin. it endows you with certain advantages such as this plugin not only carries out the email marketing service but also can keep the subscribers' data locally in the database, if you want it to.

As with Bloom Optin, OptinMonster too can be integrated with almost all the popular email marketing services.

Optin Monster - Configuration Options Optin Monster - Live Design Panel Optin Monster - Popup Designs Optin Monster - Services Integrations Optin Monster - Settings Page

OptinMonster pros

  • A reliable optin popup plugin

OptinMonster cons

  • Drag and drop builder is not available

Download OptinMonster

Features of OptinMonster

  • Readymade popup templates
  • Integrate to all popular services such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ContantContact etc.. Custom HTML mode is also available i.e. we can add anything in popup in the form of HTML
  • Trigger popup after certain delay
  • Set the cookie duration to prevent popup from appearing until defined time
  • Hide popup for logged in users
  • Show a popup for specific categories
  • Show popup for specific post types
  • Show or hide popup for specific posts/pages
  • Add your own custom CSS
  • Save subscriber data in database (optional)

Layered Popup

Popup trigger types – on load, after x time, inline, sidebar, content locker, link locker, show popup on exit, on scroll

Popup type – Email, HTML, non- WordPress pages

Layered Popup Pros

  • Drag and drop popup builder
  • Support for the maximum email marketing services
  • Beautiful layer animations
  • Add popup to a webpage outside WordPress, even in a static web page

Layered Popup Cons

  • We can't assign a popup to a specific category. This feature is highly required for a multi-niche website (a website that have various kind of content)

Layered Popups

This popup plugin on the one hand, offers integration with a number of services, while on the other hand it has a drag-and-drop popup creation feature also. Unlike Bloom Optin and OptinMonster, Layered Popup plugin allows you to design a popup in a free style and move around any element. Layered Popup can also be integrated with the self-hosted email marketing software Sendy.

Despite being an amazing popup plugin, Layered Popup is still waiting for an essential feature and that is category and post type specific popup.

Salient Features of Layered Popups

  • Lots of readyamde templates
  • Support all popular email marketing services. Also support Sendy, a self hosted email marketing PHP tool
  • Layers animations
  • Drag and drop popup design builder
  • Show specific popup for a specific page or post
  • Double optin support
  • AB testing
  • Subscribers log
  • Separate settings for Desktop and mobile display
  • Trigger popup every time, once per session, after certain delay, repeat after certain days or only once
  • Trigger popup on inactivity
  • Trigger popup on page scroll
  • Trigger popup on visitor leaving the page
  • Hide popup for logged in users or any specific user role
  • reCAPTCHA support
  • user popup as contact form
  • Save subscribers in WordPress database

Download Layered Popups

Optin Ninja + Addons

Popup trigger types – on load, after x time, popup on exit, on scroll

Popup type – Email

Optin Ninja is another rock solid popup plugin for WordPress with the help of which you can add professional popups to your website. However, you need to buy its addons to get the complete features such as logged-in users filter, popup display control, custom fields etc.. Addons are fairly cheap and you will not mind buying them.

OptinNinja Pros

  • Affordable and advanced

Optin Ninja Cons

  • Readymade Templates are limited
  • Drag and drop builder is not available

Optin Ninja

Optin Ninja Features at a glance

  • Readymade templates
  • Supports MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, MadMini, PushOver and local storage of subscriber data in database. In comparison to aforementioned plugins, it comes with less integrations.
  • Store subscriber data in WordPress database (optional)
  • Send autoresponder from WordPress email (optional)
  • Extensive popup color scheme customization options
  • AB testing
  • Create popup that appears until a date. (addon)
  • Show popup for an IP for certain times. If a visitors doesn’t subscribe for defined times, popup will not appear thereafter. (addon)
  • Category based popup
  • Page/Post specific popup
  • Popup on page scroll
  • Popup on visitors leaving the page

Download Optin Ninja

Ninja Popups

Popup trigger types – onload, after x time, inline, sidebar, content locker, link locker, exit popup, on scroll, date based popup

Popup type – Email, HTML, non- WordPress pages

Ninja Popup is a big plugin that comes with as many features as a popup plugin can have. From drag and drop design builder to services integration, Popup Ninja beats all other plugins. But it seems that this plugin affect site performance taking more hosting resources. Additionally creating popup in backend is not so smooth.

Ninja Popups Pros

  • A comprehensive popup plugin with lots of readymade templates, popup design creator and much more

Ninja Popup Cons

  • A heavy plugin that creates extra load on your hosting server
  • Its option panel is not smooth
  • No option to view subscribers in plugin panel

Ninja Popup Category Specific Popup Ninja Popups Integrations Ninja Popups Readmade Designs Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups salient features

  • Lots of Ready-made templates
  • Template Builder
  • Support all popular email marketing services. Also support Sendy, a self hosted email marketing PHP tool
  • Subscribers stats
  • AB Testing
  • Trigger popup after certain delay
  • Trigger popup on page scroll
  • Exit popup (JavaScript popup when someone close the page)
  • Auto-close popup after defined delay
  • Show/hide popup close button
  • Schedule a popup
  • Disable a popup for a user who close the popup for certain days
  • Page/Post and category specific popups
  • Use popup as contact form
  • Save subscribers in local database

Download Ninja Popups

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