I have been a big big fan of Formidable Pro and there are really pressing reasons that someone who is in web design business (using WordPress), needs Formidable Pro like a vital organ for his web developmental needs.

I have written benefits of using Formidable Pro;

Once Formidable Pro was affordable and its unlimited site license with limited updates cost you only $117. But now things are different. For unlimited site license with lifetime updates (including all current and future addons), you now have to spend a handsome sum of $399. All other licenses come with only one year free updates. Besides, most of advanced features of Formidable Pro are being launched as addons which are available only with Enterprise License. If you are using a license other than Enterprise license, you have to buy the advance addons separately.

I agree that $399 is a big investment compared to other plugins, especially in comparison with Toolset (Toolset provides same functionality as Formidable Pro). But nobody would argue that except for Toolset, no one provides a powerful support and comes with profound features like those of Formidable Pro.

Recently Formidable Pro launched a new addon: Autoresponder. It’s a wonderful addon. With the help of this addon, you can schedule an email for each of them who has submitted the form. Here it’s noteworthy to mention that this is a very advanced feature and is highly useful and essential for email marketing/membership sites, booking sites. What makes it exclusive is that this feature is not available in any of Formidable Pro’s competitor plugin.

Luckily, Formidable Pro team keeps working on many new functionalities like this one and which Enterprise users keep getting them for free (from time to time).
So let’s have a look at 4 major factors that makes Formidable Pro worth $399 and they are those 4 reasons that you should go for it.

1.If you love saving money

You can save $1650 per month if you have around 100 clients

Unlimited means unlimited. When it comes to clients, unlimited means a great word, a word which may save lots of your money. Say for example you buy a license for each of your client (a Formidable Pro user) separately, you may have to spend at least $100 per client or more than that (including the cost of advanced addons). So the total cost of 100 clients’ licences= $100×100= $10k.

Now we calculate the expense of as many clients when we use Enterprise License.

The expenditure of first year- only $399. Oh my goodness, so huge difference.

Now we come to the total money you have to spend in 5 years –

First scenario – $39X100X5 = $19500

Second scenario – $199X5 = $995

So, in first year, Enterprise Plan saves you = $100000-$399 =

And the total saving in the next 5 year: = $19500-$995 = $18505

Total saving in 6 years for 100 clients = $99601+$19500 = $119101 = $19850/year = ~1650/month

If you want to become futureproof

Formidable Pro is a powerful plugin which was developed by two persons especially Stephanie Wells. Now many people have joined the development team of this plugin and the support staff is also being increased rapidly.

Web design world has seen many companies which rose exponentially, initially promised to give unlimited updates but all of a sudden they shut down. But Formidable Pro is different. A group of dedicated and reliable people is taking care of it even as we speak. I made my purchase of Formidable Pro when it came with unlimited updates and support for only $99. There were only two people by way of support staff, Steve Well and Stephanie Wells. But my support ticket was always answered within one hour. On average, the response came within 5 to 6 hours. Now Formidable Pro team has grown to a big family.

One more thing, the support for Enterprise license users is also special. It has been named as Elite support. So what is an Elite support? Here the support team must handle the support queries on a priority basis within few hours of placing the support ticket.

So Formidable Pro is unlimited as well as future-proof. Up-to-date features and the fast reliable support.

Go Checkout Formidable Pro

If you want all the latest functionalities of the plugin

you should know that the new features of Formidable Pro are now being offered in the form of addons which are paid for all the licenses but if you’re an Enterprise license user, you can use them all free of cost
I can visualize the future and can figure it out well that in the coming time Formidable Pro is going to be more powerful. Just some time ago,the auto-responder addon of Formidable Pro was launched, which is free available for Enterprise license holders ( along with all the current and the future addons).
Just three months before the roll-out of auto-responder, three big and highly useful addons were launched: WooCommerce addon, PayPal Recurring payment and Stripe Payment. So I think it takes no rocket science to guess that the Enterprise license users are apparently and constantly at an advantage.

If you want a support that matches your client’s timeline

Though the support has already been mentioned yet here again I want to emphasize the point that the support given by Formidable Pro is much, much faster than the support given by other license holders. That almost always means that you will get a response from support team within two hours. I do not think that any other WordPress related company provides such a fast support.

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