Managing student data, college data or a university data generally means that a school can create student profiles, publish exam results and keep an organised record of other data related to the school and the students like student progress record, library management and various other records that need to be managed in a database form.

In simpler words, by student database we mean:

  • Adding student information from frontend
  • Editing student information
  • Filtering student information
  • Adding student exam results and allowing students to check their result using the allotted unique ID.

So, here we’re going to have a look at the best plugins with which you can build powerful, excellent and easy-to use student management systems. With their help, you can not only meticulously manage a student database and handle all the jobs mentioned above in a perfect manner but also and most importantly for the lowest price ever.


My readers will be well aware of Toolset as I’ve been writing about Toolset. You can read my article on Toolset here.

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Toolset membership comes with four plugins:


  • Toolset types (free)
  • Toolset Views
  • Toolset Forms
  • Toolset Layouts


Out of these four, the first three can be put to use to design a superlative student management system. Using Toolset Types, you can build custom post types/custom taxonomies as per your requirement like ‘Student Profiles’, ‘Student Exam Result’ etc. Not only that, with the help of ‘post relationship’, an advanced and alluringly beautiful feature of Toolset, you can connect data collected from various and disparate sources. Toolset is a stupendous example of how a company can give you a magnificently perfect utility at low price. It is a juggernaut. If you don’t know the programming, don’t worry, you can count on Toolset, which is all set to make you a virtual developer bypassing the need of knowledge of programming on your part. And if you are a developer, Toolset will ease your job and enhance your work potential.

If you want to know for yourself, please visit Toolset website and enjoy its one month free trial.

Try Toolset


GravityView is an extension of Gravity Forms, which allows the data collected through Gravity Forms to be displayed on frontend, edited and filtered. GravityView turns the task of displaying and managing student data into a piece of cake.

For people with least knowledge of web design, GravityView may be the best choice and there is a valid reason for it. GravityView is sepcially meant for guys who know nothing about HTML/CSS or PHP. GravityView generates frontend database layouts automatically, on the other hand, to make use of Toolset and Formidable Forms, user needs to know basics of  HTML/CSS and PHP.

With GravityView, we can display student data nicely in data tables and in other formats. With GravityView it is damn simple to publish Exam results, student profiles and other data.


One thing that is important to note is that GravityView outstrips Formidable Forms formidably when it come to the ease of use. GravityView’s developers have put special effort to make it user-friendly and you can experience this ease of use especially in displaying the database on frontend. It becomes contrastingly clear when you try to perform the same task with Toolset and Formidable Forms.
Similarly, setting up a parametric search or an advanced search using GravityView is much easier compared to Formidable Forms and Toolset.

Now we come to the most important part and that is what I recommend after all this analysis and review. So, my advice is ‘to each according to his needs’. If you’re planning to set up a frontend student database with some sort of deadline i.e. time is a limiting factor and at the same time you’re not well-versed as a developer, the best choice is GravityView. But there’s one boundation with GravityView, to use GravityView, you also need to buy GravityForms.

Learn More about GravityView

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is famed basically as a form builder, but to tell you the truth, developers as well as non-developers are still not fully familiar with its Herculean potential as a data management plugin. With this plugin, even a non-developer can build powerful and excellent data management applications. Data collected through different forms can be displayed beautifully in custom layouts in any way you want them to and can filter data based on different parameters.

Formidable Forms can essentially be used to create excellent student management systems. It can be used to collect student registration data, to display student profile on frontend and the data amassed this way can be managed by the school staff. Moreover, you can use Formidable Forms to register students on the website and collect the registration fee online.

Know more about Formidable Forms

Aside from any comparison, these three plugins are no less than boons for setting up student management systems in WordPress. They are easy to use and do not require any special knowledge of coding etc.
Guys, if you have any questions regarding these plugins, you’re welcome to ask in the comment section.

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