Publishing a post without spell check and proof reading is completely nonsense because even a professional typist may make mistakes, then we should not be sure about our typing skills.Publishing a post without spell check and proof reading is completely nonsense because even professional typist may do mistakes then we should not be sure about our typing skills.

In fact, we must proof read every of our written post in 3 steps to bump off all possible typing errors.

However, proofreading is a different thing with which we can also remove grammatical mistakes.

We all should be aware of Google strict behavior toward poor content websites and spelling and grammatical mistakes may kill your blog’s Google search engine ranking.

I use 3 steps to make my posts free from spelling and grammatical issues.

  1. Google spelling suggestion via Google Chrome
  2. After the Deadline tool
  3. Manual proofreading twice or at least once to remove spelling mistakes like for/four, there/their and grammatical concerns

Google Chrome Spelling Checker

Google Chrome offers an excellent way to take the help of Google suggestion to correct the word. With Google Chrome Internet browser you can enable spell check suggestion from Google. All you need to do is to go to the text editor area of WordPress / BlogSpot and then right click and enable “spell checker option > Ask Google for suggestion “. It is an awesome way to correct misspelled words effectively.

After the Deadline

After the Deadline is an online spelling and grammatical error checking solution that can be availed in the form of WordPress plugin / Live Writer Plugin or as a Google Chrome / Firefox extension. With this tool you can get rid of almost every spelling mistake and some possible grammatical mistakes.

I suggest you to install this service as an extension in your Web browser to access it on every of your blog rather than installing its WordPress plugin on different blogs.

Manual Proofreading

Either you use After the Deadline or any other spelling checker, you can’t achieve a flawless write-up. You should read your written content carefully once or twice after checking it with a spell checker. There are some spelling mistakes those can’t be caught by spell checkers; sometimes spelling mistake changes the meaning of a Word and thus miss spelled word can not be identified by a spell checker because it exists in the spell checker dictionary. Only manual proofreading can resolve this type of mistakes.

In the course of proofreading, we can see some of our structural mistakes of content and we can rewrite those functions in a more serious manner. Furthermore, we can add some missing content during manual checking of the content.